★ Scary Clips #17 – America’s Funniest Home Videos part 467

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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: July 19th, 2014

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  1. By: Ashley Plante

    Are these re-uploads?

  2. By: shuffman89

    9:31 LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, SIKE!!! awesome combination of videos 😀

  3. By: BUSAFLY123

    why is he so scared of a rat with wings. LMAO

  4. By: ayudongdong

    07:08 LOL

  5. By: 20rouny

    If I ever chased my dad around with a bat, let alone pull any prank on him,
    I’m pretty sure he’d disown me…old man lacks the least bit of a sense of

  6. By: MrArsenalLover

    2:36 !!!!! Lol ty !

  7. By: J0KERB0I

    why does nobody kick them stupid birds that attack them

  8. By: J0KERB0I

    why does nobody kick those stupid birds that attack them

  9. By: FallinFromTheSkyy

    i think they get so scared that they just wanna run away lol

  10. By: MrJaal (HURRICANE)

    begin looks like my dog o_O

  11. By: Sahara Smith

    You’re both stupid, how about people just leave them alone and then they
    won’t attack them?

  12. By: Kristian Thomas

    6:06 “You’ve always wanted this.” “Don’t be mad at me,” Famous last words
    before being found in the next birthday cake.

  13. By: yoshifanner1234

    u are awesome

  14. By: xFLYBATx

    I don’t get 05:07

  15. By: TheEvilAngel724

    Evil dog lol

  16. By: avi stifler



    White people have messy houses

  18. By: swaggygirl12

    This is not scary !!

  19. By: Axy Ionescu

    1:30 EPIC FART

  20. By: Carmen Hazinhzos

    @6:35 the black woman and the crabs, I was laughing for 20mins. LMAO!!!!!

  21. By: ComedySkitShow

    Never get bored of this

  22. By: libaleeb

    You can not tell me the scene with the lady feeding the gigantic birds
    didn’t creep you out.

  23. By: Danny Dougin

    Oh my! 03:58 was hilarious!! I laughed so hard! PECK! PECK! ATTACK!!!
    Even funnier is that her sister watches and laughs! LOL!!!

  24. By: Danny Dougin

    @JJ0KERB0I– why doesn’t someone just kick you?

  25. By: Tavish DeGroot

    At 7:14 the scream matches his singing so well.

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