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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: February 1st, 2015

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  1. By: KillerDragon12100

    Happy New Year, dude! I missed you!


    Oh yay

  3. By: BestAFVonU2BE

    Thank you for waiting… I Hope you enjoyed it =D

  4. By: glowworm2

    The dog lazily moving the tennis ball with its tongue made me laugh.

  5. By: unselfcontrol .

    Happy new year, AFV ! Moare more videos from you is blessed for us. :)

  6. By: Yunior Gamboa

    12:18 What the hell! Somebody better feed that dog! Funny as hell

  7. By: AndrewRusher

    sir,thank you for good videos. fяom Яцssia шith love (=

  8. By: BestAFVonU2BE


  9. By: Heather Forrester

    I just love the kid flip off the mattress.

  10. By: Rebekah Wiseman

    I missed you! my life was so boring! Now youre back and i beg you to get
    back into rythm

  11. By: Eline Van den Borren

    11:30. Is that gangnam style????

  12. By: silpin769

    Thats a lot of nuts

  13. By: danielquadri17

    So you suck cuz u you said humans suck

  14. By: ianjake diopulos

    sooooo funny!!!!!!

  15. By: Aryan Dingankar

    Way to FUNNY!!!! ha ha h ah ah aha ha h aha ha haj

  16. By: Brayden McArthur


  17. By: Ajay Parihar

    1:21 “Hey tap on the glass, make it a flying squirrel.” hahahahahaha

  18. By: Djmann1013


  19. By: RedEvee

    so many americans ! and so many IDIOTS !!!!

  20. By: lupita rodriguez

    So funny!!!!!!!

  21. By: geelamb

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  22. By: Hijrian Husna


  23. By: Hijrian Husna

    hahahahahahaahahhahaha…….. galucu!

  24. By: norberto calan

    This is my favorite show

  25. By: gabriel elias

    That was funny:)

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