7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults

Baby, go home. You drunk. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo All Media Courtesy of AFV MUSIC Goody Two Shoes Licensed via Warner Chappell …

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Added on: March 29th, 2015

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  1. By: Hanna Opsata Sollie

    Or.. 7 reasons why drunk adults are just big babies

  2. By: BuzzFeedVideo

  3. By: Illina Ibrahim

    Hilariously adorable , and still I refuse to have children.
    I’ll just watch funny videos of them doing stupid stuff .

  4. By: bbking wins

    at 0:49 that baby was like:where my kiss at?

  5. By: Leah Bobbett

    Is it just me, or is anyone not really a fan of the AFV/BuzzFeed videos? 

  6. By: eylen rodriguez

    This is adorable. I didn’t stop smiling while I was watching this 

  7. By: Grim jaja

    You definitely already did this video on another BuzzFeed channel

  8. By: 黄梓

    Wrong, drunk adults are just giant sober babies.

  9. By: TheYafaShow

    Why do they call them adult beverages when I act like a toddler by the 10th

  10. By: CXonor24

    I was offensive and I find this a baby.

  11. By: Patrick Star

    Where’s the part where the baby hits someone? That’s what my dad does to me
    when he’s drunk…

  12. By: Ariful Karim

    Oh buzzfeed and their pretend journalism 

  13. By: Ailia G

    Almost had a heart attack with the baby and the birdbath one x-x

  14. By: Devast Valentine

    Who the hell films their kid falling asleep while taking a shit?

  15. By: Domino

    Jesus Christ.

  16. By: SugarVen0m

    No matter what the video is, there will always be fucktards who come up
    with some reason to hate on buzzfeed for it. 

  17. By: Lauren Sabino

    I don’t get why people like babies so much.. they’re annoying little

  18. By: The Doctor

    Imma firin’ ma lazer!!!
    O o

  19. By: richard lam


  20. By: Edwin Juarez

    maybe we are tall sober babies

  21. By: Jay Ddragon

    Omg the last girl who fell asleep on the toilet…hopefully that won’t
    happen to me one day 

  22. By: Slavica Đuričić

    Divni suuu !!! 

  23. By: Sandra Rose

    soooooo cute!

  24. By: rosela96

    CUTENESS OVERLOAD *beep* *beep* *beep*!!

  25. By: Simone Monteiro

    so cute!!! I loved the last one

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