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Added on: April 30th, 2015

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  1. By: Funnycatsandnicefish

    A ball is the best bed for Kitten named Oprah

  2. By: Luc Starks

    I love watching your videos always make me so happy, I can’t help but make
    funny noises when I see them.

  3. By: breadandcircus1

    Your video is so marvelous, so unique, Oleg. I love the colours, the music,
    the background, the kitten over there, Mama-Coco showing up to check on her
    kids…so sweet, so poetic images. PERFECT video !!!!

  4. By: mercedes pena

  5. By: Jeff Missinne

    Everybody sing…”I’m kittin’ on top of the world, just rollin’ along, just
    rollin’ along..” Adorable video!

  6. By: Em.C. Spiteri

    On top of the world.

  7. By: Lizzy F

    Cats can sleep anywere

  8. By: William Tiley

    Clearly this is abuse.

  9. By: Joan Cuthill

    He loves that ball. How wonderful. God bless you all.♥

  10. By: vaadaenmacchi

    How does she climb up without falling?

  11. By: rawsammi


  12. By: furtherbeyond

    Awwww! I so want the llittle baby kitten!!!! <3

  13. By: Vesela Bogdanova

    Ето къде се спи най-добре…

  14. By: Дмитрий Пушкин

    Название книги “Импрессионисты”. Funny Cats – российский проект? Круто! ))

  15. By: Венера Деменева

  16. By: FairysHuff

    Was I the only ones thinking the entire time “poop on the ball, poop on the
    ball, please poop on the ball!” ^_^

  17. By: Carmen Cruz Lopez

    Está agusto en el balón. Preciosos gatitos.

  18. By: moi meinau

    You are russian?

  19. By: tara hawk

    How cute….someone get that kitten an agent!

  20. By: Res Oleg

    A ball is the best bed for Kitten named Oprah

  21. By: Nicolas Vautier

    Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

  22. By: Евгений Снегирь

    Я на шарике сижу

  23. By: JuLi3s

    So lovely I have to buy one :P

  24. By: Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Adorable, always. <3

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