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http://gags.justforlaughs.com | Subscribe: http://goo.gl/wJxjG A policeman’s version of a practical joke: they change people’s license plate and accuse them …

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Added on: September 16th, 2014

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  1. By: ayamebutterfly1

    omg its a prank calm down

  2. By: lolhehehettollololol

    where ever u r, u cant just simply go out in a police uniform, its just
    illegal, how do they do it?

  3. By: John Fernandez

    i am pretty sure he just asked the cop if he could do it.

  4. By: Emily Corkery

    Yep, his name is Dennis Levasseur.

  5. By: Matthew A

    Does anybody watch LamotheExperience on youtube? Cause I swear at 0:52
    thats him.

  6. By: Gin Hip

  7. By: Nicahlos Nelson

  8. By: Anadelia Osoria

    It not evn funny

  9. By: alan m.d.


  10. By: Игорь Занимон

  11. By: rith5

    Oh fucking whinge.

  12. By: Piotr Zalewski

  13. By: Piotr Zalewski

  14. By: Piotr Zalewski

  15. By: prashant mule

    No Thyanku

  16. By: prashant mule

  17. By: juan diego

    jajajajajaajajaaajjaa terrific

  18. By: Billy Lofang

    Watch the front license plate,thats your car dumbfuck

  19. By: Darwinion

    not funny

  20. By: afif mul

    surprise lol XD

  21. By: Alexandre hadjinlian guerra


  22. By: Aoi

    0:46 Nissan 350z

  23. By: tony22990

    this is so smart prank!

  24. By: micger

    last guy was wearing scrubs – must be a dr!

  25. By: Diego DeBritto

    Where is Pascal Bab (saw along Denis Levasseur in this 2007 prank) in the
    2012 episodes showed of pranks by the Brazilian pay TV in this August 24,

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