AFHV – Show #510

Episode of the hit TV game show “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” where “Recovery Room Rambler” wins the 0000 grand prize as “America’s Funniest Home Vid…

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Added on: November 12th, 2014

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  1. By: America's Funniest Home Videos

    we couldn’t have done it better ourselves. wait… ;)

  2. By: DownTheDrainOutoors

    hooley means vagina in several languages…. 

  3. By: Gary Basil Grant

    the dog should have gotten it…

  4. By: Nina Dee

    that recovery room video was not funny!!!!! the howl be there video was

  5. By: Railfan the East U.S

    12:47 glad you were safety first.

  6. By: Railfan the East U.S

    20:36 I’m lookin’ at ya’! I jump on da girl!

  7. By: Railfan the East U.S

    22:17 I like this.

  8. By: Daniela Cruz


  9. By: Brittnie Stafford

    I don’t know how that whole “Do it” montage got requests for them to show
    it again. It’s so annoying!!!! 

  10. By: joejohn1423

    oh my god that birthday candle recount girl is awesome.

  11. By: Jeremy Amaral

    Was the little girl at the 33 min. part supposed to be Jeff The Killer or
    The Joker?

  12. By: Shabana Bangash

  13. By: smorebunny

    21:17 is a fainting goat. They have a condition that causes their muscles
    to stiffen up and take longer to release then normal.
    We have these goats so I know :3 

  14. By: joeseff baggett

    do it do it do it

  15. By: Mike Newberry

    Ha ha and LOL!

  16. By: Jayden Nguyen

    That so fun and cool

  17. By: Jayden Nguyen


  18. By: Nolan Alvarino

    Lmao 11:30

  19. By: Major Solomonson

    22:11 AHHHH YES! That’s my favorite part by far…EVERYONE LIKE THIS!

  20. By: Dustin Walston


  21. By: Chamling Safal

    i loved afv
    nd mr.jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  22. By: Jordan Sumberg

    that dog snow ball was gross and destining fuge i will be fgkdfh;k

  23. By: Pookie Claire

    26:10 LOL

  24. By: Kitty Sheppard

    Awesome quality : D

  25. By: sarah zaragosa

    Can Melanie Davidson Family Will Be Season 25 on AFV 

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