AFV Babies are so cute! .

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Added on: September 5th, 2014

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  1. By: luchin89

    lol the third baby is awesome

  2. By: luchin89

    lol I KNOW!!!!!

  3. By: lilswtangel92

    my bad i like hte last baby more. he’s soooo cute

  4. By: luchin89

    oh w atever! :(

  5. By: luchin89

    lol, i guess we agree that the third baby is the best then…

  6. By: lilswtangel92

    nope:D the last one:) third one is cute

  7. By: luchin89

    wait but cute and best are the same thing!!!!

  8. By: luchin89

    lol well he is funny but the thrid one the way his eyes open, it kills me
    everytime i see it.

  9. By: luchin89

    lol, don’t tell me you are watching it again?

  10. By: lilswtangel92

    yah:D everytime when i replied ur comment.

  11. By: luchin89

    lol, yea me too :) actually i’m watching it right now…

  12. By: lilswtangel92

    haha agree agree:) i love this vid

  13. By: luchin89

    ok i’m ready to start commenting again :) that is if you want to :I

  14. By: lilswtangel92

    haha lol WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? jk:) the last baby is always the best:D

  15. By: luchin89

    lol wat do u mean where have i been, working girl :)… no no no not the
    third baby the second baby!!! lol now he is funny!!

  16. By: lilswtangel92

    lol u still go to school?? school is almost over huh?

  17. By: lilswtangel92

    really?? from hs or college?? im gonna graduate from hs, IF, i ever pass
    english and econ

  18. By: luchin89

    lol i’m on the same situation girl, im about to graduate from hs but i have
    to pass brit lit and U S history. it sucks i get a feeling that i a m not
    goin to pass… but why not u u smart…. right

  19. By: kenyaqueen

    the last baby is so cute and goofy

  20. By: MJ yeo

    r u crazy this vid ends at 1:40!!!!

  21. By: TheRealJoni

    Lol my father loves this show.

  22. By: jjt


  23. By: Darth Wolfious

    i watch this every sunday night

  24. By: madhu1501

    the last one is very cute

  25. By: sparkshark789

    Welcome back Curly!

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