AFV Bear Suit Scare

This guy’s reaction is priceless.

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Added on: April 28th, 2015

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  1. By: Gonarch721

    that was funny as hell.

  2. By: warrenohio07

    Funny as hell (OH MY GOD)


    Yeah that was funny !

  4. By: ceciliabatta

    That was great

  5. By: quipstad

    oh my god! LOLZ

  6. By: acidxtears

    OMG! That was hilarious! He didn’t hardly even say anything. “oh my God”
    was funny enough

  7. By: Gothorochimaru


  8. By: fanofanime83

    ook that wasnt funnny

  9. By: Sauskura

    At least he didnt scream like a girl.

  10. By: 8885678

    he just quiet because he don’t want bear attack him that why

  11. By: Jesse Jean

    hahaha! he thaught he was gonna die or sumthing,wat came into that guys
    head? OMG!XD

  12. By: AllyCox06

    Oh My God!! hahaha… I bet he peed a little!!

  13. By: Je582647

    OMG!!! XD askpskaasokaspsakkapsokaso the rection is really fun

  14. By: NowhereAndNada

    OMG!!! the reaction is really funnyy .

  15. By: PhantomofAzara

    “How drunk was I last night?”

  16. By: MirandaMck27

    😛 his reaction was kinda funny by the way it sounded

  17. By: SniperViper1000

    LOL! What a fucking laugh. XD

  18. By: Rudewomantt


  19. By: Gormless_Inkwell

    “OH MY GOD!! …What the heck?”

  20. By: paul horwitz

    Oh, my god! What the heck?!!!!

  21. By: paul horwitz

    I think the “Oh, my god. What the heck?” part makes me giggle.

  22. By: paul horwitz

    Funny video clip

  23. By: paul horwitz

    That’s one of my favorite clips of all!

  24. By: paul horwitz


  25. By: paul horwitz

    taken at 0:12

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