AFV Carseat Singer – Baby Barry Manilow

The original provider of this video took it down, so I thought I’d put it back up.

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Added on: November 10th, 2014

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  1. By: Poundinrocks1

    His sister McKenna should have been called Mc-ass-a

  2. By: Flor de Maria Licardie de Hutton


  3. By: AzraelDKF

    The little girl got it right, nobody should like Barry Manilow

  4. By: madmomma02

    OMG!!!!!! he is so cute! i just wish i could have him!

  5. By: WhiteWolf21

    she clearly dont like barry manilow or hates sharing moms attention

  6. By: DELAVEGA1984

    soooo cute, hate the sister, why sisters always like to ruin things?

  7. By: jadejazz15

    Aww so cute

  8. By: lady9903

    He is too cute!

  9. By: campfirepoetry

    Deserved to win, saw it on Netflix the other night and looked it up. I just
    keep replaying it.

  10. By: barbieberen

    He must be an old soul. Hes adorable and amazing!

  11. By: Nolan Clark

    little girl is annoying af

  12. By: Baka . Vlogs

    i i i am speachlis


    lol so cute i love when afv shows baby videos

  14. By: SoulHuN7eR

    Women… always want to be in the spotlight!

  15. By: Danelle Katipa

    I love love love him soooooo much nqaaw soooooo frekn mother ephen
    cuuuuuuute xoxo

  16. By: andrew richard Pocock

    he’s beautiful

  17. By: Harley Rider

    so cool reminds me of alfalfa from our gang

  18. By: Randy Haynes

    This is the cutest video on YouTube.. Good Job little dude.. Hope you win
    the big money.. Congrats on the $10,000 you won… Everyone vote for little
    dude to win big $$$ 

  19. By: victoria williams

    So cute and funny

  20. By: hannahriee

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  21. By: Clayton hitchens


  22. By: Clayton hitchens


  23. By: Asian Face

    The charm on this boy.. he’s even got me :,)

  24. By: joki Melfa

    The future of entertainment everyone! xD

  25. By: Richard Ganzer

    Check out my kid singing about his cat. Search funny kid sings about his
    cat. You’ll enjoy it and it’s less than a minute.

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