AFV SCARY MAZE GAME! (replayed for sound problems)

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Added on: December 22nd, 2014

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  1. By: jandro414

    that guy makes me think’a 2-D

  2. By: WeirdDreamShow

    1:45 dude, cut that out! i’m scared! i want my papa! just kidding!

  3. By: JeremyWinterrowd

    who made this game? LOL I think I did :)

  4. By: Bryancitoreturns

    sounds like homer simpson?

  5. By: Titas B


  6. By: Emily Williams

    how did u mess up? the first time i ever played this i was shaking so much
    because i new there was a face comming up soon but i still didnt mess up
    and i played the original with the exorcist face and the sound turned up
    100% max.

  7. By: candyheart4567

    i lol bc my sis was super scared and bc it is stupid

  8. By: mooseclappin11

    @2012joaco Trollolololololololol

  9. By: stephen63424

    hold down left mouse button and move the dot thats an amazing cheat but
    don’t do it on level 3 – you still meat the screamers…

  10. By: SteNun


  11. By: Vitor Pedro


  12. By: rebeccahuezo

    True he does not have eyes

  13. By: obobsaget99

    that scream sounds familiar

  14. By: Jefferson Rey Tayag

    hey that’s barney ok!

  15. By: Kelley Matute

    was that supposed to be scary?o_O

  16. By: Luong Kim

    It not so scary to me

  17. By: Maggie Tourelles

    0:48 it begins

  18. By: Mark Reding

    a little bit

  19. By: belljohnson from roblox

    i ment waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

  20. By: dylan Weisz

    ha ha ha

  21. By: 177777Greg

    I reanber seeing this on tv and Jumping

  22. By: tavomxli

    So dumb even a little girl

  23. By: Riley Maloney

    *Homer screams*

  24. By: joel fender


  25. By: ألاء العسولة


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