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AFV Part 219 For those unfamiliar with the show, here’s a quick synopsis. Each episode is made up of a collection of funny video clips that are submitted by …

Submited by: crewman6

Category: AFV Babies

Added on: November 12th, 2014

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  1. By: Me sho

    ههههههههه. اول كومنت عربي 

  2. By: Genesis Roadhouse

    That dog’s not a scaredy cat he’s scared of cats

  3. By: annoyingsteve4

    Hello Ms. Rarity. /)

  4. By: Rebekah Wiseman

    Omg that Easter bunny XD

  5. By: harley quinn

    i seen a boba fett helmet :D

  6. By: Brianna Reichert


  7. By: Sydney Baynham


  8. By: ExTrN Jinx

    the transformers have really let themselves go at 15:45

  9. By: 0oFreezeMano0

    30:56 You hear that “woman laughing” sound effect a lot on this show.

  10. By: Brad Uditsky

    Flying Lawn Mower

  11. By: tahlia taylor

    already watched the first minute and already grossed out

  12. By: tahlia taylor

    poor cat

  13. By: tahlia taylor

    lol lawnmower 

  14. By: Gary Basil Grant

    good for mo boy…

  15. By: This Is Satire or Xriqxa Anonymous

    5:35 ya gotta admit, that bunny is creepy.

  16. By: This Is Satire or Xriqxa Anonymous

    15:46 Transformers go!

  17. By: joejohn1423

    27:16 is one of my favorites ever

  18. By: Slade Wilson

    We Americans are such idiots.

  19. By: Mike Newberry


  20. By: Raymond Szabo

    no what county you live in people do stupid stuff

  21. By: Jumbomuffin13

    That first video is just stupid. He didn’t even know… Www 

  22. By: Jason The enderwolf

    That dog is a ball thief

  23. By: Mario Bucao

    That man do funnyiest stuff all of you LOLY

  24. By: Mario Bucao

    So weird

  25. By: Mario Bucao

    That bunny s stupit

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