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AFV – Part 230 For those unfamiliar with the show, here’s a quick synopsis. Each episode is made up of a collection of funny video clips that are submitted b…

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Category: AFV Babies

Added on: October 18th, 2014

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  1. By: angequlielenalee

    that president kid is super cute><!!!

  2. By: HKVanquishyena

    Lol at 5:09 and 6:04!!

  3. By: Pheonix19581

    24:00 sooo cuutteeeee

  4. By: FR4NKY666

    Fuck me i barely laughed

  5. By: isaac loza

    U should see 1 trough 99 funny search it I’ll laugh

  6. By: Alicedosen101

    Tom did have black/ brownish hair!!! I new it because I heard in an episode

  7. By: AHMED EL ShaaRawy

    25.12 is his color green ???? 😀

  8. By: Stevan Manojlovic

    I bet you can climb on tree now cuzz you are girl (facepalm)

  9. By: Shadowkey392

    33:50. That kid’s gonna be a great director someday.

  10. By: TheZeldaBigMacintosh

    the car was dead.

  11. By: Rebekah Wiseman

    well at least hed be out. jk.

  12. By: Briley Baise

    16:10 no

  13. By: LaurenDIY

    Is the dog that growled blind

  14. By: Tabby_kitty

    I think that the only good one of the three nominees was four alarmed
    sleeper. The rest where stupid 

  15. By: Nana Solorio


  16. By: hajer qwer

    I made a big mistake on staying up late and watching AFV 

  17. By: Jimmy Menno

    Sometimes why do you have to put her in it but my dad doesn’t like it when
    I love it

  18. By: Jimmy Menno

    Why do you have to put getting hurt in it my dad doesn’t like it but I love


  19. By: Rena Marcil


  20. By: Лёша Куливов

    Ladies, here I come~ *slip* *ded*

  21. By: Amelia Chidley

    35:00 just reminded me when i was little i used to eat dog treats :p

  22. By: Steve Sprogis

    I <3 the turkey lady lol

  23. By: Zaneta Barnova

    wat is rong with that dog

  24. By: Daniel Alvarado


  25. By: Farhan R.

    so helariose

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