ARMA 3: Altis Life A.V.F – First Day

DESCRIPTION New Series, A long one for that, The Mighty A.V.F picked me up from the shitty days of pygros and have taken me in to fight back the corruption. …

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Added on: July 24th, 2014

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  1. By: TheSkitzMACHINE

    First day of an A.V.F Member… REBELS!

  2. By: Slapify PvP

    Too good :P

  3. By: Godly

    Skitz is much nervous

  4. By: Korii Kaii

    Are these old clips are they recent?

  5. By: therush2049

    like the video man glad i play on a server with cool people like yourself
    too bad jussi left gt is Jesse CDF

  6. By: brent de doncker

    Enjoyed it, as always!

  7. By: RubenGaming69

    Skittz the new kill machine of a.v.f
    Man you are a beast 

  8. By: jussi c

    cool vid skitz, remember that day well, I recruited a good Rebel and a good

  9. By: Knite Crysis

    You a MVP!

  10. By: Joe Chalfant

    Keep it up Skitz!!!

  11. By: Garge Krazed

    Good vid, but isn’t this just the same as your Rebels series? I thought you
    were in the AVF during the Rebel days.

  12. By: thelegendx5000

    Amazing vid Skitz im loving all the videos. You deserve alot more subs
    bro!!! Ian [CDF]

  13. By: THExxxxARC

    Are you from earth because your videos are out of this world 

  14. By: RabidSloth

    Did they get rid of side chat on this server and if they did why? :(

  15. By: THExxxxARC

    Are you going to play DayZ Standalone

  16. By: JackGoesRambo

    Jussi held syndicate and katt hostage a few times while they were cops. :P

  17. By: Fallensiper _13

    What do you use to record and what do you use to edit your thumbnails?

  18. By: Fallensiper _13

    Do you upload daily?

  19. By: Fallensiper _13

    How do you become a mule?

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