ARMA 3: Altis Life A.V.F – Pinned Down

DESCRIPTION Some of our brothers get into a car accident so we go lend a hand… Turns out we got more then we expected. CONTACT Steam: George_KLR www.youtub…

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Added on: August 10th, 2014

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  1. By: TheSkitzMACHINE

    An intense moment!

  2. By: TheSkitzMACHINE

    Sorry about weird glitchy moment, forgot to take it out. Was me Alt +

  3. By: Austin Sosnowski

    Great video! Super entertaining, deff cant wait until the next one. Keep up
    the awesome work skitz!!!

  4. By: Fallensniper_13 _13

    What are you’re PC specs?

  5. By: Fallensniper_13 _13

    How are you so good at killing cops :)

  6. By: THExxxxARC

    I’m out of good lines to use :( but keep up the great work as always

  7. By: Godly

    Taki life or riot

  8. By: nitr032 gta V

    what are server ipn tto the server

  9. By: jamurda

    Volumes kinda low

  10. By: thelegendx5000

    Skitz= Way to BEAST!!! Awesome vid bud!!!!

  11. By: Knite Crysis

    I get so excited when I get the notification for your video Skitz! Keep it

  12. By: TheCrazyGamer89

    great video! hope to see more!

  13. By: danicus7

    Skits, how do you afford the MX’s! As a civ, and being in FB, the cops
    always go for us instead of you, and atleast one of us die! I try doing
    drugs, and got my hemmt blown up!

  14. By: TheDankvids

    so good man! Don’t know how your channel isn’t bigger. You should start
    streaming, I think you would make some good money.

  15. By: Michael Dresser

    Great video Skitz keep it up! And I would like to contact you should I do
    it through YouTube Pm and work hard at what you love and you will succeed 

  16. By: TheSkitzMACHINE

    @Michael Dresser

    Can’t reply to you”re comment sorry, if you would like to speak to me, you
    can either PM on Facebook (TheSkitzMACHINE) or Add me on Steam

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