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In this fantastic frights and scares video, you’ll laugh ’till you cry as person after person gets the daylights spooked out of them. It’s an America’s Funniest Home Videos original compilation….

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Added on: April 20th, 2015

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  1. By: Christopher Stirewalt


  2. By: Hari Prasad Srinivasan

    I am first :)

  3. By: America's Funniest Home Videos

    Enjoy this Monday video to get the cobwebs out! It’s full of frights and
    scares and people jumping everywhere! Watch and share. #funny #videos
    #scares #pranks

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  4. By: Christopher Stirewalt

    No I am

  5. By: SuperGoomba554


  6. By: What About


  7. By: Eryn Kados

    I am happy i’m not the one screaming rofl

  8. By: NBA6Fan

    This was funny :)

  9. By: Monster MC

    8th comment

  10. By: Vince Allen Meneses

    1:12 lmao he’s also in a monster mask but he’s scared.

  11. By: FuriousViking Singh


  12. By: rafael mayea


  13. By: claire decimal

    that was hilarious


    I love the kid doing the smart way of locking the door so that the “bad
    guy” cannot get it LOL

  15. By: 1mnstrbassplyer

    Great work man!!! These are so funny!!!

  16. By: Sia Ourworld

    Funniest video i’ve EVER saw. It sacred me at first.

  17. By: Lacey Carten

    This video is hilarious. I love videos where people get the crap scared out
    of them. It’s also funny and cute how the raccoon gets scared by the
    talking candy dish.

  18. By: TheMeslava

    That little girl that saw her “brother” with the mask on and then started
    screaming when he came near her, if she isn’t slapped after that, then I
    don’t get society. Shes sheltered if she is afraid of what she SAW in front
    of her. Kids these days… yeesh, and I’m only 23. I think kids need more
    freakin experiences.

  19. By: Ying Nollette

    So funny!!!

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