Babies Eating Lemons for First Time Compilation 2013 [HD]

Babies Taste Lemons For The First Time | Babies Trying Lemon for the First Time | Babies Eat Lemons for the First Time Compilation | Baby Eats Lemon | Babies…

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Added on: December 10th, 2014

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  1. By: funnyplox

    +Isabelle Amanda A lot of parents have done this to their babies, your
    parents probably did it to you. No one remembers this kinda stuff, no harm
    is done. How can you not find joy in this video?

  2. By: funnyplox

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    Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]

  3. By: Mari Kook

    Only baby-video that have made me laugh so far. Usually babies scare me,
    but this was fun.

  4. By: nadira binte nazrul

    Please see this…… You will be enjoy this

  5. By: EngageTheRebels

    Aww, good wholesome family friendly child abuse. 

  6. By: Naor

    5:05 Skyler from breaking bad

  7. By: mike roberts

    This is abuse of power id like to smack the fuck out of these parents makes
    me sick grow a brain and remove it

  8. By: Misty St Claire

    OMG Why has this peculiar person filmed these children being abused in this
    manner? It is very strange.

  9. By: Kelis Dean

    watch its MAD funny

  10. By: Boxa Don

    I wish all these babies die and get eaten by dogs.

  11. By: Tithi Kar

    its soo funny !!!just see their cute & weird faces !!!

  12. By: moiraine_damodred

    lolz babies are so dumb

  13. By: sandynyc1

    the babies are cute but something is wrong with the parents, lol.

  14. By: Thai Scythe

    To all those who think that just because people film their baby eating
    lemons or tasting something that has the same sourness (ex:warheads or
    lemon juice), doesn’t mean its abuse. I did the same!me think with my nice,
    she is 2 years old and she ate a warhead like as if it was sweet and my
    brother doesn’t have sour taste buds and this was filmed. So filming what
    is going on in a child’s life is a good thing so you know how they will
    react to that stimuli when they are older and besides, they MIGHT not
    remember this happening but then they MAY remember just a blurry visual.

  15. By: FatAndAsian

    Feed them ghost peppers.

  16. By: Ac3Vigilante

    Child abuse? Fuck off wankers, no harm done in simply immersing a kid in
    the sensory pleasure that was given to them through years of evolution, or
    “God” as some might believe. I’m sure as a kid you ate sour lollies that
    might not have been completely desirable, but you still smiled your ass off
    after eating it didn’t you? All good and fun.

  17. By: rose fabby

    1:02 okay ill take it… 1:04 what is this piece of shxt??? 1:10 take it,
    take it now!

  18. By: AMM

    OMG CHILD ABUSE!!!!!11!1!1

  19. By: Laura Jane

    To everyone yelling abuse lemon juice is really good for you do you like
    eating vegetables not really you don’t hate it but you don’t particularly
    like it but you do it coz it’s good for you this isn’t abuse this is super
    cute and completely healthy so what’s your problem 

  20. By: Hani Hussein

    Hmmm what a cute little bby♥♥

  21. By: TynberX

    0:39 – Not sure if gusta face

  22. By: Stephanie Martinez

    How is this child abuse?. my mom told me she gave me a lemon when I was a
    baby!. Now I love lemons!. But how is this child abuse?.

  23. By: Dᴀʀʟᴜʀ Nᴀᴍsɪʟʟ

    Wow one of the parents had given their baby an earring, wtf.

  24. By: BT D

    Baby wearing gold chain; parents speaking Spanish… Who’s surprised?

  25. By: Dean Davis

    Got my daughter trying sour sweets for the first time the other day 

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