Baby Can’t Resist Knocking Over the Water

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Category: AFV Babies

Added on: April 28th, 2015

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  1. By: AFV Kids

  2. By: Karolina N

    Me when I want the cookies but mom don’t let me eat it ;_;

  3. By: Melissa Planas

    Why doesn’t mom put the camera down and get up and move the glass? It might
    have turned into a game for him at the end, but geez – move the glass
    instead of yelling at him over and over…

  4. By: TVShortShort

    Hahaaaaa, lovely!

  5. By: FirestoneX

    I would never use no as a game. If I say no. I mean no. Then you get a

  6. By: galihxtreme

    GLASS: [whispering devilishly] “thaaat’s it…come here….yees…you know
    you want it….don’t listen to your mama….what’s the matter? you’re not a
    coward, aren’t you…? here….heeeeere….look at

  7. By: I'm Eric


  8. By: Sarando1

    What the baby hears > no…no…no…no…no…no…blah blah blah
    no…no…nooooo…..noooo…blah blah blah.
    And some people wonder why their kids don’t listen to them when all that
    comes out of their mouth is diarrhea.

  9. By: Judy Jobst

    Hope you enjoy ….

  10. By: 김성곤

    Kkkkkkkkk ^^

  11. By: Marina Barbosa

    That baby has a soul of a cat. There’s no way you can deny it.

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