Baby has an Adorable Conversation with her Daddy

Watch the adorable conversation this little girl has with her dad! She seems to make up her own language; and wow, does she love talking! SUBSCRIBE: http://a…

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Added on: February 18th, 2015

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  1. By: danny172011

    Hapilibliblibli hot potao

  2. By: The Weagle

    This baby has more intelligent things to talk about then most of the people
    I know!

  3. By: DiamondKnightHD

    5th comment yay

  4. By: laine23mn

    She is talking in tongues. :-P

  5. By: Solomon Jung

    This child is possessed!

  6. By: CCcruzer TheDarkElfGamer

    we have have found the new eminem 

  7. By: annadesu

    It makes perfect sense to her, I’m sure. lol

  8. By: Reba92

    This is so funny 😀 i was laughin at through this video :D

  9. By: America's Funniest Home Videos

    The chattiest baby we have ever seen! If only we could understand her…

  10. By: Emily Heun

    The chattiest baby we have ever seen! If only we could understand her…

  11. By: Skyla Shanell

    She is trying so hard to talk! Lol. So cute.

  12. By: Randi Arnold

    Other than the chest clip I don’t see what’s so wrong about the car seat?

  13. By: Julia Lin


  14. By: cheyney harris


  15. By: kellie77381

    She is wound up LOL. I saw this video the first time a long time
    ago…it’s still just as funny now as it was then lol.

  16. By: Vanessa Burris

    I’d love to get the Doctor to come translate for us.

  17. By: Abby Smith

    this baby needs jesus

  18. By: xlx666zaizxv

    The two things I understood were: WWE and banana XD

  19. By: Slishes Maloney

    The transition from Baby Babble to English!

  20. By: Laurel Cook

    I can’t talk that fast. My first words were something like “According to
    statistics, It is believed that I am theoretically the smartest humanling
    on Earth.”

  21. By: Legored The Epic

    Abalapalapa baedebpabababa banana ababolapapapa :P

  22. By: Logan61912

    Could it be possible that it was the language she used to speak before she
    incarnated here? She looks very serious about what she was saying.

  23. By: 尾崎かなた

    ふん ふんって うなづいてるパパ優しいなw

  24. By: arnette shibuya

    So adorable❤️

  25. By: arnette shibuya

    So adorable❤️

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