Baby Laughs At Dog Eating Popcorn – AFV

In this funny video by America’s Funniest Home Videos, an adorable baby cant help but laugh at her dog eat popcorn. So Cute SUBSCRIBE: Want a chance to be on AFV?…

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Added on: July 23rd, 2014

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  1. By: bubbalance1

    so cute

  2. By: Nyah Hannah

    Aww so adorable x

  3. By: Swag master 1237


  4. By: Matheus Oliveira

    please check out my viddeos

  5. By: Rosh Ayala

    What a spooky laughter 

  6. By: AveMaria82100

    That is so cute!

  7. By: Teslar Carpathian

    this is by far the most adorable, funniest, cutest, video i have ever seen
    i love her.

  8. By: Sparkles8046

    LAMO! She even made me laugh! What a cutie pie!

  9. By: rubiks solvers


  10. By: idontcarei

    those two teeth r the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. By: Minerva Avila

    A baby’s laughter is contagious. If you are ever having a bad day, look at
    this. Your attitude can’t help but change. 

  12. By: jon moor

    Thia is to funny

  13. By: tracy mansell

    just try not to smile…..

  14. By: Gary Basil Grant

    baby is having a ball…word….

  15. By: maxcohen13

    I reacted the exact same way when I found out Julia Roberts won an Oscar.

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