Baby’s First Roller Coaster Ride

This little one can tell you exactly what she’s feeling on this first roller coaster ride by the look of her face alone. Poor little thing! SUBSCRIBE for tomorrow’s video:…

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Added on: March 15th, 2015

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  1. By: AFV Kids

  2. By: Giovanni Sandoval


  3. By: Sherry San

    Poor girl, I thought she was going to poop herself.

  4. By: Cláudia Leister

    Children afraid are funny?

  5. By: grebo66

    I will NEVER understand why children being terrorized by something (whether
    it be roller coasters, carwashes or animals) is funny. It’s not funny it’s
    sick. You see the Mothers or caregivers in this video trying to make it
    “all better” by making happy noises throughout the ride (while
    intermittently commenting how frightened they themselves are) & then
    clapping @ the end all in an effort to make this seem better to the 2
    little girls. It doesn’t.

    Why can’t some ppl show any kind of empathy, kindness or compassion towards
    even their own children?! We live in a very sad world today….

  6. By: Sugar Pop

    So cute

  7. By: Jason Luong

    That’s a lot soiled diapers. 

  8. By: America's Funniest Home Videos

    She is not pooping, but we imagine she wanted to.

  9. By: camerakid92

    Gotta love those G-forces lol

  10. By: ninjatacojay

    Look like there was going to be a tennis ball shooting out of her ass or

  11. By: Lela Martin

    She is not pooping, but we imagine she wanted to.

  12. By: espinosa bact

    Baby’s First Roller Coaster Ride:

  13. By: Joe Madden

    Looks like we got ourselves a future test pilot:)

  14. By: Racheal Laniyan

    She is not pooping, but we imagine she wanted to.

  15. By: Yoda theHobbit

    As as 31 year old man, that’s the face I still make on a roller coaster.

  16. By: Sarah Martinez

    Look at the babies face at 0:05 sec lol

  17. By: Sarah Martinez

    Then look at her fqce at 0:10

  18. By: Sarah Martinez

    And 0:36

  19. By: Wowok Yudo

    so cute :) :*

  20. By: Seth Tudor

    She is not pooping, but we imagine she wanted to.

  21. By: Kajol Khan


  22. By: TobiMarie

    She is so beautiful!


    beauty baby)

  24. By: Giancarlo Castillo


  25. By: Regina Mcintyre

    OMG! She is so cute! And that’s my kind of roller coaster – low to the
    ground and slow.

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