Best Cute & Funny Puppies Compilation 2014 – Cuteness Overload!

Funny Puppy Video: Cute Puppies here, Cute Puppy there, Funny Puppy here, Funny Puppies there! Dogs are Funny Animals & they are the Best Cutest Puppies Comp…

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Added on: December 4th, 2014

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  1. By: Daisy Bernal

    What dog breed is 4:31 ?? Someone please tell me it’s adorable!

  2. By: Landocreep

    What’s the breed on the first clip? They look like walking fur balls.

  3. By: Halina Wychłacz

  4. By: Joshua Droneo

    This is the video I go to after I watch horror 

  5. By: Olivezno シ


  6. By: TheEpicWaffle34

    cant handle the cute
    must grab them

  7. By: Scotty Chapman

    i can just imagine if i accidently stepped on those puppies at the
    beginning with some steel toe’d boots. little fluffy and cute blood
    splatter LOL. am i right?

  8. By: SonicGenerationFan

    AAAAA it’s too cute, I’m gonna die!!

  9. By: Etsuko Mayumi

    whats the name of the song in the background?

  10. By: jam2music

    A bundle of cuteness to brighten your day! They are adorable!

  11. By: Bomi Agogo

    Incredibly irresponsible parents to let a pup nibble and scratch all over a
    baby. The baby was clearly near crying with the puppy’s teeth all over
    it’s ears then nibbling on nose. A baby’s skin is very delicate and
    doesn’t understand a puppy. And this puppy could easily scratch a baby’s
    eyes. Highly irresponsible.

  12. By: Vazgoon Chan

    OMG that baby and puppy soo cute

  13. By: Kimberly Shem-Tov

    What is the song?

  14. By: Azhure Soleil Levant

    What dog breed is at the beginning of the video please ? I don’t find this

  15. By: Andi Mueller

    zu goldig :D:D:D

  16. By: Roel Soto

    What’s the breed of the first puppies? 

  17. By: Boobarella

    omg 2:40 what breed of puppy is that?!! Please somebody tell me!

  18. By: Mercedes Butschli

    Omg how could there be DISLIKES on this adorable video!!?!!!!!!!!?

  19. By: Bernice Diaz

    I don’t get your user name “cute now” they are cute forever, right?

  20. By: AwwCuteNow

    Please subscribe for more cute videos. We’ll try to post lots more when we
    can fit in time. Thanks for watching. :)

  21. By: seanne

    340 people have no heart

  22. By: animefreakincs

    I came here because i was watching a video about dreams and it said
    sometimes that people will wake up unable to move, and hallucinate a person
    or monster in the room. and then cant move, or scream, and i remember in
    4th grade that happened to me, so i came to to get my mind off it and right
    when the video ended i remember why i came here, so i have been watching
    this video for 3 hours. Looks like no sleep tonight :)

  23. By: sdgakatbk

    Beginning 0:45 has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen on youtube!!

  24. By: Dee Dora

    Funniest part of the puppies hangings from the guys leg is the guy was
    wearing socks and sandals

  25. By: Romina Celis

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