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Added on: October 6th, 2014

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  1. By: lola 13


  2. By: C. Cimek

    What happened at 1:36 ?

  3. By: Tony SoccerBoy

    In my opinion, the prank at 4:59 really looks more like just having fun
    with strangers on the street than a prank because the strangers are
    actually liking the dance.

  4. By: Lei Pei

    love epic old man!

  5. By: Hoshmand Safy

    Lets start a story

    Once there was a …

  6. By: revenger20012


  7. By: SALEH-911

    الي سعودي يكتب بقبقيييييييق 

  8. By: Andrea Estrada

    7:44 hahahaha

  9. By: Izzy Wizzy

    I didn’t even laugh once

  10. By: ok2431

    30.. 1st comment, 300 & 1st Viewer…

  11. By: Никита Богинский

    1:53 наши бы сразу въебали)

  12. By: xuong da Xuan Diep

    Hay wua rat vui

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  14. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    DANCING and PRANKING. Could you think of a better combo? Behold, our very
    best of! ‪

  15. By: miverick badon

    I want to marry that girl in white.
    Damn, she’s so adorable.

  16. By: madmovyman

    10:34 What is this music? 4th time asking? Is anybody home? Don’t you love
    me anymore?

  17. By: Kakarot

    Denis is such a good actor.

  18. By: HomestarRunner20X6

    Denis is hot.

  19. By: George Butcher

    Loved every clip.

  20. By: maha77

    There is nothing wrong with being a sailor. I don’t know why they keep
    bashing them. And I don’t appreciate the propaganda message on the balance
    of government responsibility and individual initiative, just tacky….

  21. By: gyloir

    These are great.

    I am wondering, what ever happened to that guy @ 9:12? He used to be on a
    lot of JFL pranks but I haven’t seen him in any new ones in a long time.

  22. By: jjstatic102

    Where’s the twerkin?

  23. By: Lee Bas

    the Best 10:11 LMAO

  24. By: David Ortega

    Me encantan este tipos de videos, siempre los ponen en los banco, buses etc

  25. By: LukeyASMR

    Wtf. Was that jimmy savile at the end

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