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Are you ready for EXTREME action, DANGEROUS explosives, and FLYING grandfathers? Me too. Clips used (in order) “Canadian Army Tank Goes Off” “Exploding iPhon…

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Added on: July 9th, 2014

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  1. By: jose antonio lopez lopez


  2. By: Bia hoang


  3. By: prathap shankar

    I’m supposed to be doing my assignment.

  4. By: Dead Feline

    wtf why did no one check after grandpa

  5. By: Amit Kumar

    superb and excellent, every moment was enjoyable, and best of the bests.
    Awesome creativity.. just amazing 

  6. By: Zameer Murad

    10:40 i choked on my spit lel

  7. By: Venkatesh p

    old man is almost in every prank why cant anyone recognise him??

  8. By: Francisco C. Silva


  9. By: sandy estrada


  10. By: Book Krafter

    Real life trolling

  11. By: Jose Abel Hilerio


  12. By: Alex walker

    FML i’m moving to Quebec. Adrenaline rush 24/7.

  13. By: Gabriel Lerdo

    buenisisisimo.!!!!!!!!!ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja 

  14. By: Josef Martin

    very funny :-) BRILLAINT

  15. By: killedtwosherif

    now who is gonna pay for all those vans :D

  16. By: John B.

    I wonder how much it cost to make these pranks

  17. By: Hussain AlKhars

    how come no1 realizes the old mans face??

  18. By: David Leonardi

    ☺☻ Creative, lol.

  19. By: edward peders

    Marie Pierre you rock!
    Will you marry me?

  20. By: jonathan galicia

    b0000000000000m paniz!!!!

  21. By: solidlakerfan nright

    the girl at 10:41 will you mary me XD

  22. By: Tim o

    i wonder if it is only in Canada where random people may actually believe
    the military would leave them in charge of weapons while they use the
    bathroom lol I can’t tell if people are really that gullible or if it’s
    all a set up with actors. but it’s funny either way.

  23. By: herme de leon

    muy buenas bromas

  24. By: Suzaku Reii

    11:13 You could read her lips as to what came out when he did it xD Clear
    as day what she said lol.

  25. By: Merick Turner

    That blonde cop was HOT!!

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