Best Funny Cats Jump Fails Compilation 2014

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Added on: September 30th, 2014

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  1. By: MashupZone

  2. By: Eric Jay Palomar

    cutie cats.
    though they got to know the laws of physics. lol

  3. By: Jack Bandit

    stupid beasts

  4. By: Brian R

    the last batch of cats were super cute running frantically away from the
    noise lol

  5. By: Coastfog

    Funny video but the bass line of the backing track makes me cringe whenever
    that wrong tone comes…

  6. By: Newecreator Channel

    Slippery surfaces, reflections, unstable platforms, unknown destinations…
    Cats have quite the adventurous spirit.

  7. By: M0nse Cruz Hdz

    Muy buen video

  8. By: Brooklyn Stemmerick

    Their were watching family guy

  9. By: truc dao huynh


  10. By: Triangle Man

    I meant to do that.

  11. By: Thomas Williams

    the guy in the 4th video is anonymous 

  12. By: oleg sidorov

    Эти неловкие кошки поднимут вам настроение
    Вы думаете, что кошки — самые ловкие и грациозные животные? После просмотра
    этой подборки неудачных прыжков кошек, вы поймете, что у них тоже бывают
    неудачные дни.

  13. By: Abaddon Belial


  14. By: phthisicy

    A good example of how humans are destroying everything since capitalism
    depends on “growth” of population, of factories, of pollution, and of
    consumerism. The cats would have had no problems if the environment were
    not one designed and made by humans.

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