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Added on: October 27th, 2014

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  1. By: CZKuba GAME

    First !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. By: david grau


  3. By: BannedMann

    Are these pranks all fake because surely most people know these guys by

  4. By: DiGiTaL GaMiNg


  5. By: Meshari Ali

    WOW they hanged a man for a prank OMG thats crazy deslike 

  6. By: Khalid Alhariri

    Im 7 yay !!

  7. By: luke martinsson


  8. By: Mohamed Dorgham

    The first prank is just awesome … :)

  9. By: Ferytus

    Hahaha :D

  10. By: Kermit The Frog

    If you do these pranks here in Australia you will get shot in a second

  11. By: Luftangreifer

    nice funny gags :)

  12. By: Joshua Martin

    I come ftom germany and the videos are awesome every day i wacht the videos
    and tis are funny yeahh come on

  13. By: Ilima Roebuck


  14. By: SamDM1

    Is the first clip an upload from 1990 lol

  15. By: UPlayNetwork

    lol, the last one is awesome

  16. By: Kakarot

    The boy dressed up as superhuman was a really good prank.

  17. By: Magic Tricks

    Subscribe to our channel for more videos.

  18. By: Ivanildo lins

    como é q as pessoas ainda acreditam ??? hahaha #ZIKA 

  19. By: Prank Files

    Great Halloween pranks…lol…I just did some too!!

  20. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Because Halloween is only a couple of days away, a BEST-OF all our spooky
    pranks seemed appropriate! Happy Halloween y’all!

  21. By: ولــد الــغَــلْــبَــآء

    She is like ” THOSE GHOSTS AGAIN ” xD 

  22. By: ShattyDiablo

    the super hero boy prank should not have been done. way too dangerous

  23. By: WakkoWarner123

    Helloooo Georgio!

  24. By: MMQuck

    I don’t get how they did the first prank.

  25. By: Ratelzwatel

    5:31 Isn’t that the ginger kid from ‘Just Kidding’?

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