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Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: Do you like magic tricks? Well, we do! It’s an excellent way to prank people. Here’s our best magic tricks pranks! Can’t click annotation…

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Added on: September 15th, 2014

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  1. By: mitchpies


  2. By: Royal Tube


  3. By: Azaan Alam


  4. By: tooriljohansson

    Under 301

  5. By: Joshua Andre Nieves


  6. By: Gerben den Boer


  7. By: Adam Oun


  8. By: Laura Wissing

    Please dont like this comment

  9. By: ihateoliver

    the click here thing at the end is really annoying, each person is blocking
    half of the thumbnails, can you just leave the viewers in peace and let
    themselves decide?

  10. By: chea resan

    I hate the ending thing it is annoying

  11. By: Ali Hussein

    wonderful as usual. love you all ^_^

  12. By: GhostMihneaRo

    sure I’ll click here… or click there… AAAAARHG I can’t click !

  13. By: erdeminoff

    Best compilation i’ve ever seen. I hope, new magic pranks will come soon

  14. By: bero231

    Poor animals. JFLG should be reported for animal abuse ..

  15. By: Waldo

    This prank was mean.

  16. By: Capitán Obvious

    Someone please clip her over the ear until she learns how to say “here”.

  17. By: tamayeahs

    First prank: Bad
    Second prank: Awful
    Third prank: Excellent
    Fourth prank: Not bad
    Fifth prank: Nice
    Sixth prank: Not bad
    Seventh prank: LOL

  18. By: Andrea Salbego

    Please dislike my comment

  19. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    AbracadaPRANK, Hey PRANKo, Sim PRANKala Bim, ExPRANKiliarmus (Harry
    Potter!). Okay, we’re pretty sure you guessed it by now: check out today’s
    ‪best‬ of ‪#magic‬ pranks!

  20. By: jjstatic102

    This is a comment

  21. By: Kakarot

    Love these magic pranks!

  22. By: Jiangarang™

    Click EAR!

  23. By: EviLSniff682

    С голубем – адская жесть! ;)

  24. By: phazek2 free Xbox live code….funny prank guys

  25. By: Capt JT Kirk

    The last prank gets my vote. 

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