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Added on: August 11th, 2014

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  1. By: fendrigan

    8:36 that day dennis was a happy man

  2. By: Pir Pirat

    Some gags in this channel are being a little too much pornographic lately.

  3. By: mimicool1989

    8:32 an excuse to touch girls butts -_-

  4. By: Duh Enlightened One

    These were all very dangerous gags because the water and sand reflect more
    of the sun’s dangerous radiation into people’s bodies causing premature
    aging, cancer and death. I suggest doing beach pranks on cloudy days during
    the winter months.

  5. By: Logi Wan

    Looks like there were some old ones (pranks) in here

  6. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Because we all know the beach is the PERFECT setting for ‪‎pranks‬, here is
    a little compilation of all our gags on semi-nude people!!

  7. By: katvickas98

    OMG! POLICE 5 + !!!!

  8. By: Chrysanths

    it took me out of the world for 9:39 minutes!! can’t breath after laughing
    so much! lol I am watching this before going to bed, thanks to JFL I can
    see nice dreams tonight. First and last pranks were the best! super!

  9. By: Chrysanths

    Even though I’ve watched these videos before, I still laugh and enjoy re
    watching them! the first police walk of Denis is too funny!! lol!

  10. By: Kaust Shroff

    Well Quebec at least one thing they can be proud of: hot girls!!!!! =p

  11. By: Suvi-Tuuli Allan

    Oh these tall blondes… They’re supposedly so hot but they have mannish
    bodies, more so than mine. The one at 6:25 is cute. lol An interesting
    prank. I’ve been in a situation where I’ve had to hide my things at the
    beach. This one has a huge bulge, though. WTF? O.o lol What a
    transmisogynistic society I live in. :(

  12. By: gyloir

    I bet that last gag was Denis favorite gag…


    In the second gag where MP asked sb to take a photo of her I am sure she
    said: “to take a photo, just click this button ear” 😀 Btw. Nadia is

  14. By: PHStudiosNL

    The last one was great haha!

  15. By: jjstatic102

    What a great excuse to touch girls butts lol

  16. By: Kakarot

    Haha people were confused by the first prank XD

  17. By: James Sunderland

    8:06 A cool and nice guy with humour.

    8:11 Grumpy is the new social.

  18. By: Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    The old guys like : I know you’re in there , get out 

  19. By: TechPimp

    I didn’t know it was legal to touch girls asses if your doing a blind prank

  20. By: Dennis Braganza

    That grabbing…. 

  21. By: Gyozomroka

    You guys are absolutely genius. This is your calling in life. Before time
    began, you were predestined to be put on this earth in the age of youtube
    to make brilliant and hilarious pranks.

  22. By: HomestarRunner20X6

    I just came to see Denis in a little speedo.

  23. By: Mila Robert

    Haha! My friend got PRANKED by Just for Laughs! I’m so exited to see it in
    September. Montreal rocks!!!!!

  24. By: MrLilmar

    8:31 How to touch a girls ass without getting smacked or arrested for
    sexual assault.

    Works better with white and asian people.

    *Results may vary.*

  25. By: Armand Keywel

    Talk about some old footage! About most of these were from like the 90’s!
    But they are still pretty fun classics. The one with the blind guy was the
    best! Haha

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