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Added on: August 18th, 2014

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  1. By: Joel Ibbotson


  2. By: MythicalFigured

    JFL! Why you no upload this on my birthday.

  3. By: Ohhaiyo

    LOL aww, the guy dancing to try and cheer the kids up.

  4. By: Atakan Arslan Öztürk

    loved gags hahaha .D

  5. By: Leopold Alexander

    8:14 Steve Jobs, is that you?

  6. By: fightttttt

    The coffin one is a good one

  7. By: George Butcher

    Funny, but as a cake lover me self I got say its a hell of a waste of CAKE.

  8. By: Jon Head

    at the end the woman said ” if you want to see my favourite gags ” is it
    normal that I thought she was talking sexually ?

  9. By: Олег Олегыч

    За душ в лифте можно и люлей схлопотать)))

  10. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Happy birthday to you, and happy ‪‎prank‬ day to us! Either way, we’re all
    ‪happy‬! Behold all the birthdays we’ve DESTROYED…

  11. By: lordrampage

    Pleaseeee if you like Denis click here the bouton below

  12. By: fraa Astat

    10:07 beautiful wet girl with a cake – can’t think of a better BD present..

  13. By: MrZer000

    his teeth were coming out

  14. By: Pedro Cruz



    how on earth did you get random people to dress up like a clown.

  16. By: UPlayNetwork

    This is the best way to celebrate a birthday 

  17. By: Bee Jay

    Have not seen the old man for a while now, I hope he is doing well!

  18. By: MrLilmar

    7:11 haha what kind of party service delivery van makes some random person
    walking down the street deliver it? Those people should have known
    something was up. Great prank though since they all fell for it!

  19. By: crispers702

    You’re allowed to have birthday parties inside the mall?

  20. By: john lenon

    waste of cakes

  21. By: Rotana Nokia

    I love you all in gags

  22. By: jess mergl

    Love it

  23. By: Alfie Aliligay

    is the cake on first gag real?, if so what a waste of food

  24. By: killaddict12

    I found it easy to Fap on 4:34 ‘s prank.

  25. By: june templo


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