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Added on: June 22nd, 2014

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  1. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Our second official “Best of Pranks” is live on +YouTube! Best of Police
    Pranks! Don’t forget to watch out first one too!

  2. By: Khalid Alsenaidi

    ضحك يا عزيزي

  3. By: Victor García Benet


  4. By: Panos Vrynios


  5. By: Joseph Thomas

    Just 4 laughs gags

  6. By: Jordon Fletcher

    just for laughs: gags I love watching it on tv!!!

  7. By: TaKez man


  8. By: DrBarber101

    At this time 3:08

  9. By: Benedetto Massaro


  10. By: Tery klery Sylvén

    Best Ever like alot

  11. By: asianthor

    Ha, the brother is happy the lil kid gave gramps a kick on the nuts.

  12. By: Kendall Square

    Very funny.

  13. By: Kevin Matias

    The final es funny

  14. By: v7t2


  15. By: Missy Cedarbridge

    I can see people sure love the officers in that state after he fell into
    the hole how many fokes start laughing LOL

  16. By: Khan Mohsin Shila

    mi piace

  17. By: Jakob P

    I’d recognize them too. Ha ha lol

  18. By: Agefta pratama

    Best of the best :)

  19. By: Michael Don Corleone

    colac razvratitul

  20. By: Izabella Florczak

    Tylko najlepsze dla śmiechu Gags – Najlepsze Pranks Policji

  21. By: Vincenzo Lee

    Not funny at all sorry

  22. By: Nicolas SALENC

    Epic XD

  23. By: Emily usatch

    stupid prank 4:16

  24. By: 瑜瑜何


  25. By: GGSPROPAINTERS Atlanta

    Hate the karate kid at third part

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