Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Funniest Gorilla and Mouse Pranks | Subscribe! Gorillas gone wild!! We’ve got some quite convincing ape costumes and aren’t afraid to use the…

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Added on: June 25th, 2014

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  1. By: Mohamed Yacine


  2. By: zahra almayra

    #ngakakgulingguling ……

  3. By: ricky liow


  4. By: Chris Haryanto

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. By: Sathya Prakash

    Just For Laughs Gags Best Of – Funniest Pranks Gorilla and Mouse

  6. By: Amboji joy


  7. By: Theivendram Athavan

    gorilla comedy………….

  8. By: Jonathan Kempka

    the last one was the best

  9. By: beanerama9


  10. By: jean jackson


  11. By: mario torres

    nothing better than smile this is the best

  12. By: AFUSKH

    3:47 best reaction ever!

  13. By: Earl Green

    Celebrities need Jesus too, they may seem that they have it all together in
    their ivory towers but they are human just like us and Christ died for them
    too. Pray for; Oprah Winfrey, Bill Maher, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Katy Perry,
    Cee Lo, Rihanna …just as you would your; neighbour, family, and friends.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. By: ChicagoNewsReport

    FYI: These “pranks” are staged using actors as so-called victims. 

  15. By: vinu t

    i have never laughed this much. thanks

  16. By: Mohammed Al Mehairi

    So funny 

  17. By: Judit0508

    that’s not rat?

  18. By: Seven Foot Pelican

    I laughed. But it seems kind of staged.

  19. By: Peter H

    I love these gags but I get really tired of the laugh-track. Does anybody
    really care if they’re speaking Quebecois-French? Are we still catering to
    a tiny xenophobic minority, or is Just For Laughs still stuck in the 90s?

  20. By: Domitille Menager


  21. By: asulil igounane

    the poeple with camera love camera more than their life they keep holding
    the fucking camera no matter what 

  22. By: Jesus Miguel Gastelum Alvarado


  23. By: Clyde Ztryper

    that first girl is so cute :3

  24. By: Dragana Grbic

  25. By: Cassii Hen

    Staged or NOT, I laughed sooooo hard. :-)

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