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Added on: July 8th, 2014

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  1. By: zahra almayra

    #night smile…:D

  2. By: Nafees Iqbal

    smile plzzzzz

  3. By: Amanda Navarrete

    The funniest head surprise is not funny to me OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So make
    funnier videos.

  4. By: kaka londre

    omg VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!AwESOME!

  5. By: MangoPuff

    Very funny. Best ones yet. xD

  6. By: Michelle Allen Santos

    The kids on here have no sense of humor. They actually think this poop is
    funny. :\

  7. By: Wolverine Fan

    I believe in God and fuck you all bitches you will go to hell

  8. By: assem abdu


  9. By: The Enderman

    whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah FUCKING GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. By: L Lawliet

    funniest in the history of gags

  11. By: John Doe

    The title made me think something else ._.

  12. By: WhiteHood

    Good thing i wasn’t there.
    I would piss right on his face.

  13. By: Sophie Oumamar


  14. By: The Gnostic Truth

    When are they going to make chemtrails and economic collapse funny? That
    would be great.

    If it weren’t for the fact that they enjoy practical jokes involving you
    suffering all the way to hell if possible, the evil oligarchs demon ruler
    archon ceo-filth of the world might have gotten out of the way of progress
    to a point where people would live every day like an artist or philosopher
    or healer, all in line with Higher Truths which are not even rationally
    debatable in a sane world, and laughs like this might be as horrible as the
    world gets. Instead, you get the practical jokes of having your lives
    created and destroyed over and over by evil-minded hacks who claim and
    fantasize they are gods over you.

    Why do you let that happen, for these here few laughs?

  15. By: srikar ventrapragada


  16. By: Natasha Impey


  17. By: Tyrant Kragith

    As for the toilet gag, after i finished laughing i would have sat down an
    took a shit.

  18. By: thành sang


  19. By: Karumu Osu!

    this is all fake as fuck, was funny at first though

  20. By: romal jan

    Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Funniest Head Surprise

  21. By: Clay Arnold

    loved them all, so hilarious, but I would be scared to be the actor in the
    toilet, like… what if something goes wrong

  22. By: John Maxwell

    That awkward moment… when you feel lonely… coz no1 has ever and will
    ever make u such a good prank…. :(

  23. By: bigbruthaman

    Stupid white people doing stupid shit while people like me keep the country
    going. Well done lazy whites. Maybe you’re not getting enough of my tax
    dollars to loaf?

  24. By: Рома Фильченкоф


  25. By: Lord Grunsescu

    Imagine if he had gotten pissed on though.

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