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Added on: August 19th, 2014

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  1. By: polTENish

    1:44 THAT FACE

  2. By: sharpazn

    I have a theory. they could have recorded the old woman part before. Then
    they splittted the screen in half, removing the guy’s part and putting the
    old woman’s part instead. Since the camera is fixed, nobody can notice the
    difference between the 2 scenes if nothing crosses the half of the screen.
    It is possible to mix two scenes at the same time. I hope you understand
    what you say, english is not my primary language!

  3. By: Ijam MuSka


  4. By: Sgun Nilkhiew

    2:43 Ozil ?

  5. By: PvP Vitaly

    The only one i’ve seen before is the 2nd one, and it is the only good one :)

  6. By: Rinzu Rukizukashi

    How did they made the survaillance camera one?

  7. By: Gustavo Partal

    Dr +David Tong how come you were lost? 

  8. By: TikiGaming

    Ewww his real butt

  9. By: ahmed fallah

  10. By: Khalid Hameed

  11. By: amir mikhail

    :) gags are the best 

  12. By: Daniel Nilsson


  13. By: Carlos Lippé

    yeah mister konen :)

  14. By: Javid Gadjili

    У нас бы за первый прикол палец в жопу бы засунули)

  15. By: effo alb

    2:43 Look, she is oziL 0_0

  16. By: L Mortis

    the prank with the lady taking the money and the camera effect is one of my
    favorites lol I saw it a while ago, im surprised its one of the least known
    pranks lol

  17. By: Petar Atanasov

    Best of Just for Laughs Gags – Lesser Known Pranks

  18. By: john b

    hahaha he has a big dick!! 0:39

  19. By: Titus Miller

    Just discovered you guys and I can’t stop watching! Must get some sleep
    though. You should do a simple pranks video. Ones that anyone could do so I
    can do some pranking!

  20. By: Rohil Kotadia


  21. By: Tsaltsa Fauzi


  22. By: Frances nina

    are you curazy hand top tuco is drity lol fun

  23. By: Frances nina

    look be there lol qags is lot fun laugh

  24. By: Mohammed Bappa

    1:05 is a smart move lol

  25. By: nenjulius

    oh god i can’t stop watching, it’s 2 AM

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