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Added on: July 4th, 2014

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  1. By: amir mikhail


  2. By: Zak Guler


  3. By: Zak Guler


  4. By: Daniel Klein


  5. By: Daniel Klein


  6. By: Muhammed Hama

  7. By: Polo Fresh

    Lol :-) 

  8. By: Asbjørn Grandt

    Lol :-) 

  9. By: Rene Cruz

    What I want to know is why all those people had their car doors open while
    driving? I always lock my doors when I take off, so even if someone tried
    to get in my car, they wouldn’t be able to. Haha

  10. By: PearWasHere

    They speak French in Quebec Canada, so you wouldn’t understand what they’re
    saying anyways.

  11. By: GetRide

    Some hysterical Taxi Pranks – YouTube

  12. By: Xannos

    3:25 her face is priceless!

  13. By: Dragon Slayer

    Prank Justin Bieber lol

  14. By: Younus Khan

    I like very much

  15. By: Theresia Swiebel

    Great humor!:)

  16. By: Hector Matute

    the guy at 5:44 really needed some cash lol

  17. By: jose antonio lopez lopez


  18. By: mustafe xasan

    4:18 the man with the red shirt is Good person cause he ran after the taxi
    man the rest was just standing .

  19. By: Natasha Impey


  20. By: Shprotos

    Only the last one was funny

  21. By: Rabakabs


  22. By: Júlia Kovácsné Nagy

    I like it

  23. By: stevie_selz

    heyy hooo heyyy hoooo 4:05

  24. By: Frazer Irwin

    Beware when calling a cab……!

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