Best of just for laughs part 4 – HQ 2 HOURS!

if you like to laugh also watch from Safety First – Do not text in drive – use a distracti…

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Added on: November 20th, 2014

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  1. By: Nitya Swams

    and even the second the bomblast

  2. By: ramesh john

    wtf is kurdistantv..

  3. By: adiitya92

    haha omg! The last one was so funny! :D

  4. By: David Martin Davies

    Who’s the blonde? She’s hot as hell!

  5. By: Federico Giannelli

    It is incredible how people in Canada are willing to help people or to
    borrow their own stuff. No way you could do that here in Europe.

  6. By: nimi t

    Full enjoyment, timepass. Great show

  7. By: Tony Domino

    sick of this ad on rick scott on all you tube.

  8. By: jaidie painus


  9. By: Tomasz Zlamaniec

    1:31:07 Finally a video where people have enough and just leave. 

  10. By: Denis Denisyuk

    Where are these pranks being done????

  11. By: avi yudo

    terima kasih videonya

  12. By: Tolkhan Sizz

    39:10 whats that soundtrack call? Please !

  13. By: Антон Чигур

    Гейропа говорите? Ну ну лучше уж Гейропа.

  14. By: Peter Friederich Laschon

  15. By: Marzouk Mo

    Best of just for laughs part 4 – HQ 2 HOURS!:

  16. By: Rizqi Akbar Syah

    hahahaha 39:00 edaaann koboy vs polisi

  17. By: XxDragonkillerxX

    too bad these pranks are scriped and fake. you can see the same actors in
    numerous episodes and those camera angles with that quality is ridiculous.
    And why is there no sound?…

  18. By: Rohit Reddy

    1:00:00 was hilarous….lol 

  19. By: V Lau


  20. By: Chris Tingom

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  21. By: jovana soto encinas

    se aventoros ien masiso

  22. By: jovana soto encinas

    se la avienros vien masiso con elde la hada

  23. By: Philip Rawers

    Can’t stop laughing!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  24. By: Yesh uwah

    2:00:22 That smile. 

  25. By: Sonia Renelt

    Very funny lol!!!

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