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Added on: January 12th, 2015

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  1. By: luke martinsson

    omfg im thinking on unsubscribing on this chanel you only put up the same
    video everytime -.-

  2. By: Gust Gost

    This prank was dangerous because 

  3. By: Ignacio Lamata

    hi can somone talk to me?

  4. By: Honeybadger Don't Care

    Love the old ones too. It’s more trolling, but it’s awesome.

  5. By: kranser

    Another reload – why is JFL going downhill? Why annoy all your fans…. :(

    Something is going seriously wrong with JFL!!

  6. By: KoenigsKind

    Are you pranking us? Both links at 7:00 go to the same movie xD

  7. By: GAcrewkent

    1st prank is too gross lol.

  8. By: pablosio94

    yeah i have to say, for the quality of JFL pranks they could do 1 prank a

  9. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    It is Sunday 11th, 2015 and we predict a LOT of laughter for you today! If
    you don’t believe us, how about just checking out our best-of palm readers
    pranks! Consider your future: read!

  10. By: Prank Files

    So many good pranks here!

  11. By: Jonathan Alexander

    Another unsubscribed :(
    Waste my time for viewing something old ..

  12. By: markknopflerfan1988

    Gibts irgendein Zeichen für Gähnen und langweile? Würde ich hier vergeben 

  13. By: rakello1

    Way better pranks than these other YouTube prank channels, hands down. Imo

  14. By: Heavyboxes

    Now I know how to pick up chicks. I just need a horse and red cape. And
    flowers to top it off!

  15. By: Kanon Gaming

    I just wanna say… AWESOMEPRANKS


    it’s 2015, stop with the canned laughter and sound effects, they just bring
    the sketches down

  17. By: ferfer7000

    Omb that lady at 3:20 is the best fake laugher and the funesto

  18. By: Алекс Сводокачки

    Uncle Denis bless you !!! :-) Bud Zdorov !!!

  19. By: StalkingPantsu

    Both annotations lead to the “Carnivorous Plant Eats Puppy” prank :0

  20. By: Christopher Angulo

    JFL, this has nothing to do with this video, however, in other pranks you
    have made, you have made disrespectful pranks about Jesus, I very much like
    all your other videos and would appreciate if you considered to stop making
    jokes about Jesus. Thank you

  21. By: kyzle mendenholl


  22. By: PrankandSpank

    I predicted this video would be awesome before I even clicked on it. 

  23. By: Daniel Selk

    The laughing at the hand one, 3rd one, was the best! I LAUGHED SO HARD!!!

  24. By: los angeles finest

    4:26 she looks so cute!! im inlove haha

  25. By: Tony Inside

    Quiero vivir en Quebec canada, quien me puede ayudar

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