Big Bang & Birth of the Earth

13.7 BIllion years in less than 5 mins Video 1 of 6 Thanks to anyone who’s footage I used. All video’s are shown under the Fair Use/dealing law! Peace! Peace…

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  1. By: MIKOLBZ

    Also, someone is Trolling my Video & marking a lot of fair comments as
    Spam. There is Nothing that cant be discussed, No one has the right to
    Censor Your opinion!

  2. By: MIKOLBZ

    Killah Priest- Anakims Dream (Official HD Video)

  3. By: MIKOLBZ

    Killah Priest – Heavy Mental – Atoms Of Adam(WTKB)

  4. By: EARTH ONE

    LOL! This is so funny. People from a 100 years from now are going to look
    at this and laugh hysterically; they won’t believe that ‘scientists’ today
    actually thought such ridiculously archaic and primitive things. They will
    call our period “The Dark Ages”.

  5. By: Ruach Pesak

    In the beginning, what?: Read the Bible! This video is a dumb illusion.
    When there was nothing in the beginning, nothing can explode … That’s the
    divine and mathematic logic. Your idea of ​​a huge explosion and multiple
    rearrangements prove precisely that an even greater force has moved these
    things. Without this power there is nothing that moves … I ask you: How
    much time (millions of Years!) needed the mayfly to finally be able to fly
    for one day? God’s Word says: In a moment, only by God’s pronunciation.
    Read Genesis 1 and Psalm 33.

  6. By: Tachyswiss

    This is fake, it’s impossible that this could have been filmed, if that in
    the beginning was big bang then nobody could be outside it and film it
    during the actual bang!

    And how could you even have filmed for so long?? Cameras didn’t exist
    before earth…. Fake….

  7. By: Cole Skelton

    this is totally fake. god created the earth. if the big bang actually
    happened, then there would be no humans on the earth. we wouldn’t have just
    popped up out of nowhere. end of story

  8. By: ToTheFapmobile

    Stupidity= Thinking atheists believe the universe and everything in it was
    made only by a random explosion

  9. By: Madeleine Berry

    Listen, I`m not trying to start some Christian vs. Science bullshit BUT I
    just believe that this is a theory! Nobody is saying that this is hard
    proof that the big bang actually happened. But as far as i know this is the
    most reliable and convincing theory out there. And the least convincing is
    the whole “God created everything, the earth, the people and etc.” So im
    sorry but you can shove the bible up your ass! Its complete disbelief on
    science and what it has proven. Without science, we would know nothing.
    Both the Christians and science has true statements and theories…but
    which has more?

  10. By: Noman Ahmed Khan

    Science has known just now, the Holy Quran is saying for thousand years –
    ‘And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its]
    expander.’ (Chapter 51: Verse 47). Big bang was said by Allah in his book
    when whole scientific world was saying the universe is static. Please give
    up your wrong arrogance and read Quran and embrace Islam, do not harm
    yourself. TIme is short my friend.

  11. By: Selly Styles

    Seriously… If you think God created the universe… then who created God
    or how was God created? I’m not gonna tell you to stop believing in God.
    Believe in whoever and whatever you want but I’m just curious… 

  12. By: 2012TheAndromeda

    Question.. If science says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed…
    where did the energy come from to create the “big bang”? Are they saying
    energy mustve been created or something?

  13. By: byrysh

    For all you religious people that think tis was all created for us, it
    wasnt. We also dont think it all came from nothing, STOP SAYING WE THINK
    THAT! My definition of nothing is based in science and religitards think
    that a open hand is empty they are wrong. Theres oxygen molecules, CO2,
    nitrogen, bacteria, dead skin cells, all kinds of crap but certainly not
    NOTHING! Use your heads people seriously. We dont know what was there
    before the big bang, and neither do you!!! To assert you do know is
    argument form ignorance and arrogance on a scale that boggles the mind.
    Want something to really bogfgle your mind? Try this
    The Known Universe by AMNH
    And to think this was all created for a barely conscious primate species on
    a micro organism of a planet is way beyond arrogant!

  14. By: Chris vue

    Science vs God
    hmm who should i choose…
    SCIENCE: everything was created by the big bang. think of a black hole in
    outer space, when you throw a clock inside of it, the time gets slower and
    slower then suddenly stops. its because there was no life or time inside a
    black hole. thats what happened before the big bang, everything was frozen
    and darkness like a black hole. if there was no time nor life before the
    bang, then there’s no god.

    GOD: I created everything you could imagine. I made life, love and the
    believe in me and I will save you from your hatred life.

    RELIGIOUS PEOPLE: I believe that god created everything, even me.
    SCIENCE: that doesn’t even make people, if u just say that god created the
    universe and everything does that mean that everything just popped out of
    nowhere? I need an explanation of how we are created. so i do have a
    reason, if there’s just one god and god is a human, then why can’t there be
    a turtle god or animal god for the animals? or an alien god. why can’t
    there be other gods? but just one? man thats messed up. If theres just one
    god then how is he a human before the big bang?
    Ok religious people, why don’t u go jump of a cliff and lets submit that
    there is a god.

    ME: I not saying don’t believe in god but I’m just curious why tho.
    hey, don’t blame it on me. its your responsibility, not mine.
    I would choose both god and science because science tells me how we are
    here and created while god tells me how to love each other and also love

  15. By: MIKOLBZ

    Someone keeps marking comments as Spam!

    No matter how ridiculous, EVERYONE has the right to Their Opinion as long
    as they don’t cause loss or harm to anyone else… anyone who does cause
    loss or harm or censor’s the opinions of others is a Living Sin!

    Peace Everyone!

  16. By: MIKOLBZ

    Its interesting that you cant monetise Educational Videos! So who got paid
    for the Advert Youtube placed at the beginning of this Video???

  17. By: spedop08

    Big Bang is one of the Biggest mistake in Science. Let us do the simple
    elementary experiment to see the evidence and to prove the truthfulness of
    the matter. Here it is. Gather all the Scientists that believe in Big Bang
    in one place with Atomic Bomb in their midst. Let the Bomb explode. What is
    the result? Well… Our conclusion is that Big Bang can not create life but
    rather destroy life. There are only two classifications of things in the
    entire universe, 1. Living things and 2.Non-Living things. The planets,
    asteroids, stars, and meteors out there are non-living things maybe because
    of Big Bang. But the abundance of living things here on earth I believe was
    created by the Creator, God.

  18. By: José C

    Big bang into the room (I know you want it)
    Big bang all over you (I’ll let you have it)
    Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
    Wait a minute ’til ya (ah)
    Like if you got it!

  19. By: bloubule

    Earth was created….not through a big bang!!! stupid scientist people!! Go
    blow up your house then lets see if anything good will come out there.
    Everything in the Galaxy was created by God! Your intelligence and what you
    know about our planet and space is smaller than a sand drop in reality. And
    that’s a fact1 

  20. By: Trevor Jones

    the univerce was created by energy that was allready in existance befor the
    univerce if you cant create something then it has allways existed im
    calling it b theory to much energy in 1 place caused graverty and the
    exspantion of the univerce when the univerce was big enough it started to
    spin causing dark energy the dark energy causes the exspantion to increase
    faster when a partical disapears it gose to the energy on the outside of
    the univerce and the energy sends 1 bk so it is allways constant ie it
    always equels its self out if there is infinet energy out side are univerce
    then it never needs any more energy so if it gains 1 from are univerc it
    always sends 1 back because it dose not need it i beleive the univerc to
    have been created in this way i might be wrong about some aspects of what
    iv said but 100 persent think that the energy has allways exsisted

  21. By: Elvis Teran

    Ever wonder sometimes, wtf am I doing here in this world 

  22. By: Tymc2396

    That’s explan a lot why our create. Everybody keeps telling me that God
    create. How in the world that he create it why.
    God: I have power’s I can create planet with my bear hands.

    Back to my theory our planet is a rock we walking on. Gets on you heads
    together people

  23. By: Bryceson Davis


  24. By: kamal lopez

    Thank you for giving us some good knowledge about how was the earth
    created!!! We all thank you keep it up your hard work and make more videos
    like this:)

  25. By: Егор Овчинниклв

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