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The three biggest stars of The Big Bang Theory will reportedly earn million per episode – wow! News By: Meg Turney Hosted By: Meg Turney Music By: @EvGres at Rooster Teeth:…

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Added on: August 6th, 2014

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  1. By: ImJustSomeGuy

    I wish I made that much money……

  2. By: Ellie Jeffrey

    Big Bang theory sucks. 

  3. By: Rahul Kaul

    Worst show ever…

  4. By: Allie-RX

    Kaley Cuoco is hot.

  5. By: TwoDecadesTooLate

    The Big Bang theory is so damn overrated. Jim Parsons is great though!
    Leonard’s actor though is such a massive D-bag :L 

  6. By: dandy269

    “Nobody deserves it more than this cast”
    Yeah except for maybe: doctors, policemen, teachers, firefighters, any
    rescue workers, ect.
    frankly I think anyone BUT them deserve it

  7. By: Joe Baillie

    Wasn’t the friends cast making about a million per episode, and that was
    over 10 years ago. Even so, that’s a lotta fucking cheddar

  8. By: AH_Brandon

    Good for them. If you are in one of the most popular shows I don’t blame
    them for wanting that kind of money. Personally I am not a big fan of the
    show but I have nothing against it like so many people seem to. 

  9. By: Kuro

    I thought parsons was quitting?

  10. By: Malicious Hero

    Yes, lets all pay the nerd blackface show people 1 mill per episode.

  11. By: ERRM

    I’d be more understanding if it were 1 mill across the entire production.
    Not 1 mill per person.

  12. By: NoSignal

    This show is awful! How does anyone find this funny, watch an episode
    without the stupid fucking laugh track and just see how bad it is, the only
    reason people THINK it’s funny is because of the laugh-track! 

  13. By: Alari24

    I like the show but 1mil per episode… That is too much. Charlie Sheen was
    making big bucks from Two and a Half Men too and look what that did to him.
    Made him crazy.

  14. By: Michael De Santa

    And I make 1,000,000 every time someone purchases Gta V. Yeah, I’m filthy

  15. By: Kerbal Gunnerz

    I watched this show early on and liked it… Soon realises it’s a shit show
    and has the blandest humour ever with an overdubbed, obnoxiously loud laugh

  16. By: bull fighter

    Have you guys heard of this shitty show called Game of Thrones it is
    confusing as shit with bad acting and a terrible story the only good thing
    about that show is BOOBS

  17. By: MrKillbox7

    by the end of these seasons they won’t ever have to work ever again

  18. By: Constipatedoverlord

    I cant be the only one who absolutely hates this show jesus christ


    To me it’s the Call of Duty of comedy.

  20. By: Timmzy27

    This show, much like Friends, NEEDS to end after Series 10. That feels like
    the right amount of time before it starts to get out of hand like other TV
    series such as The Simpsons or FG.

  21. By: Kevin S

    “Babunga” *5 minute standing ovation*

  22. By: hawkteflon

    This show is number 1 and Community was canceled.

    Clearly this is the darkest timeline.

  23. By: Fearghal96

    The show Is number one comedy on television, anyone else severely depressed
    by that?

  24. By: Puddes

    Pffffff that’s nothing compared to what I have, I get 5 million dollars
    with every comment I make! 

  25. By: JohnnyFTD

    Does the Academy have to do with giving shows number one status or do the
    networks come to an agreement which show it is? I’m curious because I last
    I heard Modern Family was in that position. Both are great shows
    nonetheless and that’s a lot of money.

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