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In this prize-winning clip, a herd of deer stand calmly in the snow until a man sneezes and scares them away. SUBSCRIBE: Want a chance to be on AFV? UPLOAD YOUR…

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Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: April 15th, 2015

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  1. By: Shower Power

    This ending XD

  2. By: Marcus ingram

    God damnit Ron!

  3. By: stedmans4christ .

    the ending is the funniest part….crackin up

  4. By: Master Yoda

    seriously Ron!!

  5. By: BjarkeDuDe

    Get your shit together Ron!

  6. By: Prank Files

    Bless you!

  7. By: horseluver4always

    The wife man hahaha XD

  8. By: preciousay2

    Dang it Ron, stick your fingers up your schnozz! lol

  9. By: Blair Smith

    Whoa! I think I know those people!

  10. By: Bel amour

    You made my day Ron and Myrty!

  11. By: Dika Dhaneswara

    dammit Ron!

  12. By: fraziermae


  13. By: Cleo Runge


  14. By: jrich connor

    This reminds me of Garry from parks and rec

  15. By: TheValetodo01

    Damnit Ron! You couldn’t of Holded it in huh!?!?

  16. By: The1andonlyAbber

    This would make a good vine

  17. By: William Shakespeare

    Give the poor man some tissues! 

  18. By: jdm family

    Nice Ron…
    He should of said… i can sneeze whenever i want women! Besides its your
    fault for making me go outside and put up the bird polls. Now stop filming
    and take care of me. 

  19. By: Gonzalo Guzman

    I’ll sneeze when i want women! Now fetch me a beer. I gotta get rid of this

  20. By: Dream4Cast

    Nice Ron… What im allergic to deers LMAO

  21. By: Julz Baby

    “Nice Ron” lol

  22. By: mirella agosto

    Bless Youuu!!!!

  23. By: Delaypat

    So my freaking parents, minus the deer

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