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Did you know that October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month? To learn more: Check out our new Stand Up Channel!:…

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  1. By: Christian Jiang


  2. By: YOUGOSLAVEgamer

    Because boobs

  3. By: ABDELAH K


  4. By: Luftangreifer

    4:15 he picks the man !

  5. By: Futis Emppu

    100. Like

  6. By: Futis Emppu

    100. Like

  7. By: Drank Pep


  8. By: MultiSamster

    6:18.. this guy hahah

  9. By: dhyanais

    Like first, then watch.

  10. By: omenakookos


  11. By: W4ST3D

    5:51 DAT ASS

  12. By: Hoshmand Safy

    6:46 dat face

  13. By: Ivan Conde

    6:42 virgin detected xD 

  14. By: Eric Borders

    No danger report DuhEnlightenedOne?? I am lost at this point, but those
    were some nice boobs. =)

  15. By: stuffmadebetter

    Its John Cena!

  16. By: consantinhitzund


  17. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    In honor of Breast Awareness Month, we give you… our BEST OF BOOBS
    PRANKS! Ladies, schedule a breast check-up. Gentlemen, you’re welcome!

  18. By: Prank Files

    Almost didn’t recognize him with hair!

  19. By: Ratelzwatel

    Hey! Boobs are serious business. :)

  20. By: Logi Wan

    6:50 – First time a guy with a fanny pack picked up a girl =P

  21. By: Roger Monell

    All is loooooooooooserrrrrrr

  22. By: Kakarot

    Haha at the last one XD

  23. By: Mrzof007

    7:03 that the track?

  24. By: muriel guimaraes silva

    6:18 gay detected

  25. By: TheDutchAssessor

    Still laughing from the one where the girl drops the key between her boobs
    with the exaggerated big body builder boyfriend :D

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