Bridezilla? No, just Gorilla Bride | Subscribe: The newly married couple is posing for the photo, but the bride forgot her bouquet on the park…

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Added on: February 14th, 2015

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  1. By: Fred Jones

    Looks a lot like my ex wife.

  2. By: Tyler Carmichael

    You’re an idiot to believe that this is racist. There is no evidence of
    racism and you’re a hypocrite to believe otherwise. So by your logic, you
    think that anyone that puts on a gorilla suit is considered to be racist
    based on the context of an animal? I’m sure you also call animals racist.

  3. By: Isobel Harris

    Looks like my ex

  4. By: Chabre Bruno

    le mariage pour tous !

  5. By: mokov

    what is the fucking conection between godzilla and a gorilla?

  6. By: Dimitrios I

    Hahahahahaha.. I’m laughing like hell…….!

  7. By: David Orth

    Eh, you could marry worse.

  8. By: AGEMO

    1:15 a real man


    lol good djob ! Xd funny

  10. By: spinout3

    crying with these pranks.

  11. By: Hans Zarkov

    You could do that one all day long. lol

  12. By: Jimmy Hong

    What’s the music called? I used to hear it somewhere…

  13. By: Hazmatthai Hazmatthai

    Bridezilla? No, just Gorilla Bride

  14. By: EZ Money Formula System

    I’m laughing as hell. It’s funny.

  15. By: Khadija Sumaja

  16. By: .


  17. By: Emad Salim

    Check out this video on YouTube:أضحك من كل قلبك

  18. By: Robert Hart

  19. By: Verighete LaBeruzi

  20. By: Chan Li


  21. By: Вероника Филипенко

    Интересно, как люди не узнают этих актёров? Наверняка все знают лица этих
    шутников-актёров, но многие почему-то до сих пор ведутся на их розыгрыши.

  22. By: ايمنو الحايك

    هههههههههههههه متجوز قرده

  23. By: Tim van de Betuwe


  24. By: Daniella A

    Jungle book

  25. By: Kenzster

    378 folks is unable to find love even with a gorilla… 

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