Carol Burnett – Q & A / “You Made Me Love You” (Maude?)

more q & a…enhanced vid and audio.

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  1. By: gabriel_oak_1874

    thats wild, i just thot the very thing 2day after watching this
    popped in my head to wonder if the lady who lkd like bea arthur was dead,
    or the woman who pointed her out…weird

  2. By: Kevin Hartford

    I was just reminiscing about Carol Burnett and “Maude”. No big surprise to
    find the clip on YouTube. Kudos to you for posting it and kudos to YouTube
    for keeping us entertained!!

  3. By: Mawilk

    Carol Burnett, a generous genius!

  4. By: classicphile

    @Ulalafanboy I believe, I’m not sure, that it was in her 2004 special:
    “Carol Burnett: Let’s Bump Up The Lights”. Its out on DVD, so I can rent it
    fron Netflix and see if its there.

  5. By: rrbond07

    Sad really. T.V. like this isn’t there any more.

  6. By: Beautifulmusiclistnr

    @theoceanave I agree with you that Carol’s show was the last of the truly
    great classic TV comedies. We would watch it on Saturday nights as a family
    when I was growing up, and if, for whatever reason, it wasn’t on, I was so
    bummed out about it. Carol and the entire cast was just brilliant! I agree
    also that we need to be thankful for such wonderful comedy and for such a
    wonderful comedienne as Carol.

  7. By: 12burtonboy

    Who’s Maude?

  8. By: Snoopy's Biggest Fan

    @Beautifulmusiclistnr They showed a clip of this on “Carol & Company,” a
    weekly anthology series that Carol Burnett had on NBC for a couple of
    seasons in the early 1990s, and they had one of those women as a guest–not
    sure which lady it was, though!

  9. By: sabreyow

    i miss carol burnett show most of all.i was lucky and got to see it live
    when i was a kid in the 70’s…also check out the other greats like lucy
    (the grape stomping skit and she’s having the baby are my faves)and sid
    caeser in skits like the german general,etc..and jackie gleason and the

  10. By: mauros05

    My grandmother was the one who looks like Maude and sang with Carol. She
    was always a real character. Thank you Carol for letting her join you on
    the stage. I will always cherish this moment. She is now 97 and living in

  11. By: Dark Time

    Tell your Grandmother that she is Awesome!!!

  12. By: Terrence Moss

    You can’t get this kind of spontaneity on TV anymore. And it’s a shame. 

  13. By: gymnastix

    Does your grandmother remember her moment on “The Carol Burnett Show?” And,
    can she still sing? Was she ever able to get any gigs as a result of her
    nationwide television exposure? Regardless, please give your grandma my
    best. Tell her she was just fantastic, and so good Miss Burnett included
    her singing on one of her “best of” TV reunion specials.

  14. By: CRMunir1

    Your Grandmother was a hard act to follow. Audience questions were never
    the same after she appeared on the show. Anyone who loves The Carol Burnett
    Show remembers the day your Grandmother sang with Carol. Im 50 and i still
    love what she did. You should tell you Grandmother she has a lot of Fans.

  15. By: Kee Leicthle

    i’m gonna sound really heartless so please forgive me when i say this. i
    always found it kinda annoying how when an audience member raises their
    hand just to say how beautiful and talented they think the performer is.
    its sweet but i just think it goes without saying. i mean we all know carol
    is beautiful and talented so i dont think she needs to be reminded so many
    times. a simple “i love you” should do just fine in my opinion

  16. By: Lisbeth Johnson

    I love this. Cool Grandma. Give her my well wishes. I love that she had so
    much confidence. She sang really well and corrected Carol. The Carol
    Burnett show had many great moments but I think this was my favorite.

  17. By: My Grandpa Says

    The last clip is the best, and read the first comment on YouTube!

  18. By: robert peruski

    Please tell your grandmother that she is one hell of a singer. I have
    enjoyed that clip over and over again. I am from Michigan. Give her a big
    hug from a fan. My email address is God Bless!

  19. By: BOBMULK

    Chill out. It’s a comedy. Learn to laugh.

  20. By: Kristine Maitland

    Your grandmother did a *brilliant* performance. What talent! Please let her
    know that we are glad that we got to see her work (I, for one, would love
    to know more of her story).

  21. By: allthatjazzspaz95

    Your grandma has a big voice and a big personality! It’s a shock that she
    didn’t pursue a career as an entertainer, because I could totally see HER
    having her own TV series! glad she’s still among us. :) She’s remembered

  22. By: 60mark61

    mauros05, Kudos to your Grandmother! I have seen this clip many times. I
    had to watch it again after I saw Carol on Florence Henderson’s show from
    2009 that was on t.v. last night and she talked about the woman named Terry
    who looked like Maude/Bea Arthur who was fearless about coming up on stage
    and singing. I had to see it again!!

  23. By: MusicLover

    me and my mom watched the carol burnett show every saturday night

  24. By: MusicLover

    “maude” is adorable

  25. By: Henry Moorcroft


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