Carol Burnett Show – Interrogation Skit

Early Carol Burnett Show skit with Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and Lyle Waggoner with a cameo by “Hitler”.

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Added on: July 22nd, 2014

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  1. By: Virgil Cowen

    Laughing time

  2. By: Virgil Cowen

  3. By: Russell Miller

    Tim Conway never fails to get his man… or at least make him crack up.

  4. By: Virgil Cowen

    Your nightly laugh

  5. By: Lydia Olson

  6. By: Gordontrek

    Oh man, that fake German is awesome

  7. By: Angela Smith

    The guy sitting in the chair is very handsome! 

  8. By: Curly Brunscheen

    This is the ONLY time Tim could get Lyle Waggoner to laugh!! Loved it!!

  9. By: pam jones

    Tim is ALWAYS so funny, but, I think it’s even funnier when the others
    can’t stop laughing at him themselves! Miss this show so much!

  10. By: TheCook333

    people get hit with clubs. and not the pencil sized one either. GOOD, and
    BYE BYE.

  11. By: Debby Lambert

    Tim Conway is the absolute funniest man on the planet!! Oh my abs!!! Lol

  12. By: Cap Last


    How did Lionel Wagner not laugh himself into cardiac arrest?

  13. By: piper xavier

    I heard the puppet was completely ad libbed

  14. By: Josiah M

    the Best Skit of all time!!! The laughing gave me a six pack haha

  15. By: aunt becky

    Am I the only one that expects Wonder Woman to show up? yeah probably.

  16. By: Louie Fournet

    Carol Burnett Show – Interrogation Skit

  17. By: suckmyballs

    God this is bad. Really really bad, 

  18. By: hardlines4

    A time when we had REAL entertainers and GOOD television!!!!! 

  19. By: Felis Dee

    Worst torture ever, I imagine, would be being forced to be in a sketch with
    Tim Conway and being told that if you laugh, you will be shot. Too funny!


    lol Korman calls Conway a schweinhund or Pig-Dog

  21. By: firefly6567

    5:31 lyle’s expression : “WTF is that?”

  22. By: Ty Stratton-Quirk

    This is the only video I’ve seen that makes Nazis funny, does anyone know
    if there are others?

  23. By: firefly6567

    Why are Tim and Harvey dressed like airline pilots? Conway even has gold

  24. By: Jim Flanagan

    I have to believe that this is my favorite Conway skit. Very funny. I’ve
    watched it several times.

  25. By: Daren Wilson

    Two doofuses who make Col. Klink look competent!

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