Carol Burnett Show- Jowls

“Jowls”, a hilarious take on “Jaws”. This is Tim and Harvey at their comedic best.

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Added on: August 1st, 2014

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  1. By: vanessaaa16

    lol… good luck ham!! God. these guys are so incredible funny. i wish we
    had more comedians like them these days.

  2. By: tsjrlover

    That in itself was so funny all the time. Especially when Tim tried (and
    succeeded) in making Harvey crack up. The dentist sketch comes to mind.
    This show is pure gold.

  3. By: Rusty626

    I still love him best as Hedley LaMarr. (It’s been many years, but that
    might be the first time a toilet was shown on an American TV show.)

  4. By: sevadaj

    ROFLMAO! I love their spoofs! RIP Harvey.

  5. By: Kathy Simcox

    In the Show Stoppers DVD, there is an outtake of Tim actually laughing
    during the ‘lucky ham’ line. He barely got it out before cracking up. In
    this clip, Harvey looks at him like he’s waiting (and wanting) Tim to crack
    up again. LOVE IT. RIP dear Harvey.

  6. By: hardlines4

    When T.V. was GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. By: tsjrlover

    I think I did find that skit of the Exorcist. It’s definately out there.

  8. By: Looneytunegal226

    Lol “wearing her good luck ham….”! I better watch out, I wear

  9. By: amandablue1

    The reporter dude looks like Pee Wee Herman

  10. By: pyxiekit

    “that’s a booboo” LMAO XD

  11. By: albertusj

    That rat is so fake…AWESOME

  12. By: wattever333

    millions of years, not thousands of years.

  13. By: Ted K

    @nelsonmc93 her good luck ham

  14. By: emikiwi

    @ishamarieredwan haha I know! I love how much he is struggling thoughout
    this, normally he is so well composed!

  15. By: galoon

    “Oh I love to go plumbing; where the water is running…”ROFL!! Harvey
    Korman looks and acts just like Robert Shaw as “Quint” in this
    sketch—Harvey was such a brilliant comedian!

  16. By: Virgil Cowen

    My last laugh for the night

  17. By: Virgil Cowen

    Laughing is good for the soul

  18. By: Painindeass1million

    A burping sardine? What’ll they think of next? LOL!

  19. By: Russell Bragg

    “Good Luck Ham” always cracks me up…

  20. By: Nikki Kerester

    This not a lame ass sketch why bother to comment at all jeez I guess don’t
    have a sense of humor

  21. By: MissGreenAgain

    True too.

  22. By: Ronald Michael

    Harvey Korman! How many voices could he do. He nails Robert Shaw in voice
    and expression. He could do any accent that exists in the world.
    Incredulous talent.

  23. By: lindy west

    Spot on funny. Shows don’t get any better than this, too bad they don’t
    have anything like it anymore on TV.

  24. By: coolsweetgroovy

    Bring back this kind of TV Carol and company is still the best

  25. By: Demian Clements

    “She’d have made it too if she hadn’t been wearing her good luck ham.”

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