Carol Burnett Show outtakes – Mr. Tudball needs a secretary

Mr. Tudball (Tim Conway) is looking for a secretary, but his wife (Vicki Lawrence) doesn’t like any candidates until Wanda Wiggins (Carol Burnett) shows up. …

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Added on: February 24th, 2015

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  1. By: JosephD BelyeaJr

  2. By: Rich LaDuca

  3. By: Leonard Sciacca

  4. By: Milton Johnson

    this is from the carol burnett show, very very funny

  5. By: Tracy L

    I love when the camera shakes because the cameraman is laughing.

  6. By: coolsweetgroovy

    Hillarious bring back TV that was actually funny

  7. By: Yvette O'Brien

    Brilliant ! that poor director…..

  8. By: 123digginit

    As of now more than 4,000,000 people have seen this. But about 4,000,000
    of them work for Farther Duffy. And I’ll bet most of them are full of

  9. By: Walter Wilkins

    The Carol Burnett Show: A Reunion (January 10, 1993) – 27.1 million

  10. By: Brenda Millar nee Richards

    I sure miss
    “Real” Comedies !

  11. By: Caroline Bennett

    Leave it up to Vicki to deliver the greatest punchline! Hahaha looove Vicki

  12. By: Keith Evers

    I think you can speak in your own tongue now, Vicki. This sketch has gone
    to pot anyway. (This could’ve been said while she’s leaving.)

  13. By: T & F archive

    My family and I call my old track coach “Father Duffy”, because he was (and
    still is) full of shit.

  14. By: Lania99999

    That’s awesome! And I always wondered why he had hired Mrs. Wiggins.

  15. By: bvm60

    this funny

  16. By: Manuel Encinias


  17. By: vccstudents

    Cracking up Tim Conway on this show was a badge of honor. He was always
    getting everyone else, especially Harvey Korman! 

  18. By: healthyamerican

    this is low class! if i want to hear christian bashing and foul language
    then i will go hang out in a bar! i never knew the cast was this low class.

  19. By: Judy Satterlee

    I am in the process of hiring an assistant and this video really cheered me
    up!!! Thank you Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett! I needed
    that! I wish your show was still on.

  20. By: Evelyn Ann


    “Here’s my resume.” LMAO

  21. By: Patricia Runyon

    I never seen MR, TUDBALL NEEDS A Secretary’ I missed that and the out takes
    are even funnier.

  22. By: TheSWM158

    I once and only once saw a scene between Harvey and Tim, where Tim is
    spreading eye black all over Harveys face, and Harvey is mouthing “you’ll
    pay for this”. I have never been able to find it. Anyone know the scene?

  23. By: GooglFascists

    The guy’s name is TUDBALL. One letter away from TURD-BALL
    Once we heard that name and that outrageous Swedish accent
    for the first time, IT WAS ALL OVER. We watched for Tudball
    and Wiggins on every Carol Burnett show.

  24. By: guitarslinger48

    Well I guess I’ll leave you two funny fuckers…. and of course they lose
    it. :)

  25. By: musicsunhappy

    Tim Conway, can’t watch him without laughing until side hurts.

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