Cat Jumps Out of a Box to Scare the Dog

In this hilarious video, a dog investigates a cardboard box and is shocked when a cat jumps out at him. SUBSCRIBE TO AFV ANIMALS!: Watc…

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Added on: February 6th, 2015

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  1. By: Fierce Robert

    what kind of dog is that – gorgeous

  2. By: MsRandomnotes1

  3. By: Michele W

    What a pretty dog. That cat went right back inside that box. haha

  4. By: Paladino Arcanjo


  5. By: 木屋成美

    egg chamber!!

  6. By: Andy White

    Привет, пикабушники! :)

  7. By: tjdsfj

    пикабу говно. пикабушники пошли нахуй!

  8. By: Anna Esanbock

    that was funny

  9. By: NikLek Voicer

    ну и как всегда появляются те кто начинает ныть, “опять начали эти -Пикабу
    привет!, ну сколько можно, бла бла бла”

  10. By: Perikin Sócrates

    :-D. Jajaja!!!

    Cat Jumps Out of a Box to Scare the Dog:

  11. By: CDG

    After the dog recovers, “Oh, now it’s on!”

  12. By: rmsolympic1

    I imagine the cat thinking, I can’t never do NOTHIN’ wit out dat fool dog
    show up. Make me sick!

  13. By: Mikey Hoje

    That is one PISSED OFF PUSSY.

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