Cats Vs. Babies

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Added on: April 4th, 2015

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  1. By: Sara Haris

    This is so cute! Poor cats and babies tho!

  2. By: Loaf Of Bread

    im constantly going “awww, poor cats :(”
    am i a bad bread?

  3. By: JaydaHeartTV

    I can’t stand children.

  4. By: R.slickers

    just out of experience, when i put the two in a cage, the cats usually win.

  5. By: potatolover802

    babies don’t get rabies; therefore, babies win

  6. By: Adam

    I haven’t seen an “Imajeanyus” comment in awhile

  7. By: Ciel Phantomhive

    cats = life

  8. By: BuzzFeedVideo

  9. By: The Scroll of Songs

    There’s no fight. Cat will always win. ALWAYS xD

  10. By: Immajeanyus

    The cats won this round but in reality we all win. We are all winners.
    Unless you’re a loser. Then you are not a winner.

  11. By: Tsubasa TheGamer

    I honestly want to hit those children for putting the cats in the water…
    Only one?

  12. By: Matthew Price

    why was there only a sound effect for the cats?

  13. By: Sophia Rodriguez

    You have to be kitten me!

  14. By: Molly Sylvestre

    How can you “hate cats”? They are just animals. Cute, soft, selfless
    animals. You know what I hate? FUCKING HUMANS GOD DAMN YALL FUCKING SUCK 

  15. By: Fidessa Isiko

    It’s weird because I feel much more saddened when I see the cats being
    attacked by the babies, but when the cats are attacking the babies… I
    feel nothing.

  16. By: Isaiahdlee

    I thought that the baby was humping the cat
    at :10

  17. By: The Fugly Duckling

    Not sure if I should feel bad for the cats or babies..

  18. By: Adi Denmba

    Next week on buzz feed 25 celebrities with skin.

  19. By: DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun

    Cats are better. Cats can catch their own food, cats are clean, cats don’t
    cry all the times.
    Babies look like gross aliens for the first few months and people are like
    “Aww, he is the cutest.” Wrong! Human babies do not greatly vary in
    appearance, whereas cats are always cute and are easy to tell apart.
    Human offspring grosses me out.

  20. By: Allison Boyd

    All the bathtub ones seems very cruel. I don’t understand why people give
    kittens to young toddlers.

  21. By: Dilynne Stuthers

    Why would the parents just film and laugh while their kids drag helpless
    terrified cats into a bath tub??????

  22. By: Holly AJ

    I hate babies and love cats

  23. By: BNGBlindWolf

    People who have kids should not own animals. Kids do not know better to not
    harm animals. I hear lots LOTS story’s of kids doing messed up things to
    animals just because “they don’t know any better” If you own a kid don’t
    own a animals. That’s what I believe.

  24. By: Sarrah Allawi

    To the people who say that the babies deserved it: water doesn’t harm cats,
    sure they might not like it, but it isn’t particularly damaging, but the
    cats claw the babies for just moving. The baby doesn’t know any better,
    it’s a baby! The cats have no reason to lash out at the babies but the cats
    are soulless and find it fun to attack another species’ offspring. Not all
    cats are soulless though, my cat is so sweet and loves my baby cousin but
    when he gets annoyed he just walks off, not attacks the child. 

  25. By: Ahmad Alhuqayl

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