Coast guard canine saves boy from drowning

A dog drags a young boy to safety after he has trouble swimming. For more hilarious pet videos check out Follow Petsami on Twitter htt…

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Added on: November 20th, 2014

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  1. By: Kohvi Kruus

    and than he started to eat him

  2. By: evola200

    Hasta los animales tienen mas humanidad que nosotros.

  3. By: Scott Leech

    sensationalist headlines make you click………

  4. By: Chimali Minos

    sin duda alguna, es el mejor amigo del hombre, y el peor enemigo?………
    el hombre mismo

  5. By: deBurrows

    No se lo ha pensado el perro, a pesar de ser un pobre negrito desnutrido ha
    acudido en su ayuda mientras la gente se descojona a su alrededor.

  6. By: axel gb

    y tienes toda la razon, el unico animal que es malo de nacimiento es el ser

  7. By: Sergio s.

    0:35…… (este me come… me come!!!!)

  8. By: P3lirrojo

    Te vienes?

  9. By: neza1138

    Españoles: son los únicos tan gilipollas como para hacer una discusión con
    butthurt en el vídeo del perro salvavidas LOL

  10. By: VLEIX


  11. By: Shem xo

    Well that isn’t racist.

  12. By: 張凱凱


  13. By: IrishAmongUs

    This video is nothing as described.
    The boy is, obviously, not in any danger, and the dog was just being a
    caring dog.
    I think the people laughing gave it away.

  14. By: Lucius Paullus

    The kid obviously didn’t think much of it, but that was outstanding. The
    dog knew his/her job. Kudos!

  15. By: MyMads9

    I’m laughing so hard it’s so cute!

  16. By: Jessica kaline

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk ô a cara do menino

  17. By: BrandonEvans10001

    the kid was like ill just let him drag me up there. why walk?

  18. By: Wanda Faye Allen

    good Dog ! this dog knows what his Job is 

  19. By: Jorge Coelho

    He is “saving” a boy wearing a life jacket while able bodied human rescuers
    look on? Seems contrived! 

  20. By: Pablo Santaolalla

    Love the way the dog pulls the little boy.. and the kids face is hilarious!

  21. By: stickyrubb

    Legend says he’s still dragging him to this day.

  22. By: gif castle

    水難救助犬 凄いなこのワンコ

  23. By: Epiphany K

    that music …lol

  24. By: Harrison DuRant

    Still got a toe in the water? I’m not done dragging you then!!

  25. By: Kai Yan


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