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Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: November 24th, 2014

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  1. By: MineMastersbyLY

    Nice ^^

  2. By: ณัชพล ศักดิกุล


  3. By: Hsitham Abdulla


  4. By: sword lord


  5. By: kesu1


  6. By: ClementNissa

    The 1st music please ?

  7. By: AM97Productions

    I don’t know why, but i feel like this kind of pranks are funnier that
    nowadays extreme pranks.
    Btw, the last prank here was fantastic XD

  8. By: fsx landing

    On the end the links are not working.
    I loved the video :)

  9. By: Stanislous Figlarz

    Lol lol lol :)

  10. By: SupahSpeedz

    Haha How many pranks has she been in? XD

  11. By: Nikitoz333

    Cant click there!!!

  12. By: Esteban Polanco

    7:31 Say hello to my little friend

  13. By: Duh Enlightened One

    Duh Enlightened One’s Hot Chick Report
    4:30 (on the left)

  14. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    You have NEVER seen a granny like this. She kills, she hits, and kidnaps!
    And all that while being the cutest old lady on the block! Behold, our best
    of crazy old lady pranks!

  15. By: sybylo

    Canada seems like the happiest place on earth.

  16. By: Heavyboxes

    Where did they find all these crazy old women? Killing men and beating
    them up.

  17. By: Kakarot

    Crazy old ladies haha.

  18. By: Miahoo

    The girl in white…. omg…

  19. By: VungLay

    Relax and laughing on the weekend 

  20. By: MilesLover03

    shoot I would run away or call for help at least something!!!

  21. By: Jusarius

    Real GILFs

  22. By: Vention1MGTOW

    Man! this shit is disgusting. Everyone things violence against men is funny
    and I’m getting tired of it.

  23. By: rouby mansour


  24. By: cyka blyat

    60fps wow ahahaha

  25. By: Brynn Lewandowski

    OMG I’m cracking up so much I pooped myself

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