Cute Cats And Adorable Babies: Compilation

In this cute cat and baby video, tune in to see an awesome compilation of your favorite toddlers and kittens. SUBSCRIBE TO PETSAMI: Wat…

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Added on: February 16th, 2015

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  1. By: Chinedu Ekwunife

    1:49 is dangerous.. That cat can scratch the baby’s eye

  2. By: Pamela Sprague-Tomas

    Some cats can be assholes.

  3. By: Maya Daragya

    i have a final tomorrow and i am watching babies and cats. why is
    everything interesting now!!

  4. By: Nicolas Alcalde

    What kind of idiot let’s their child crawl, face first, into an obviously
    agitated cat that is striking at them with it’s claws? Go to jail you
    fucking moron.

  5. By: anurag bhatt

    cats are evil i hate them 

  6. By: jack cole

    1:49 OMG…the eyes…so dangerous…

  7. By: Kerorofan

    That kid at 1:49 has a stupid laugh.

  8. By: Nicholas Ong

    Baby are just some weak idiots

  9. By: Dasten

    Half of these arent even babies, I FEEL VERY CHEATED AND USED

  10. By: freddycarl94

    the last one wasn’t funny for the cat

  11. By: ThePrivateJoker

    Ha ha the cat clawed your child’s eyes out. That’s not funny, idiot.

  12. By: USF Famalicão

    I hate cats
    that horror

  13. By: Praveen KR

    Its so funny and interesting video!!!!
    Write your about views in commenting session…

  14. By: Zain khedoo

    1.05, i think i just got a horrible idea…..

  15. By: Chris Baltazar

    At the end of the video it was so funny

  16. By: kusnul khosiah


  17. By: FabPrinc

    baby in cat 0:47 no no no… wronG!

  18. By: Andrei "deko" Grassi

    Quanta irresponsabilidade desses lixos desses pais no 1:48 

  19. By: rimphyd

    1:34 huge catch i wont have to worry about food for 3 days

  20. By: Negabrine

    cats are fucking evil

  21. By: SuperBluegypsy

    I’m pretty sure those people know their cat. I had a cat that NEVER put her
    claws out during play or punching fun but WOULD when cornered by a dog or
    strange cat. A good natured cat knows, especially if brought up with the
    family. It’s humans that don’t!

  22. By: MsRandomnotes1

  23. By: Shawn Conger

    33 poor kid

  24. By: Isabella Aparecida


  25. By: Kyo Yossanon


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