Cute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation

In this cute dog and baby video, tune in to se some precious and hilarious moments between dogs , puppies, babies, and toddlers. Precious. SUBSCRIBE TO PETSA…

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Added on: December 4th, 2014

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  1. By: Alyssa Kizer

    That dog say on the baby head

  2. By: Mckayla Hunt

    I love dogs, i love cats.. But it’s true they carry salmonella, their
    saliva can’t be near your baby’s mouth. Sure adults can handle salmonella
    but not babies.

  3. By: Keem Keem

    White people are so disgusting. Why would you have your baby chew on a dog
    playable bone? 

  4. By: Josh Redcay

    Letting a dog sit on your babies head…..explains this country perfectly.
    We value animals over humans. I’m surprised they don’t vote one for

  5. By: PfhUkJiu101

    Is that some kind of troll video? Quite a few of these “precious and
    hilarious moments” are rather disturbing. Espcially the one with the
    dalmatiner sitting down on that infants head. It looks even like the dog is
    doing in on purpose, maybe some domination thing.

  6. By: borat makavala

    what the fuck are these dog owners thinking? these babies could be eaten
    and bitten by the dogs. dogs dont know that babies are human cuz dogs dont
    have real brains and they wouldnt know if the baby is in pain cuz dogs dont
    have real emotions. seriously dogs dont give a shit about the babies. fuck
    these dumbasses.

  7. By: Andrew Marsh

    What kind of dog is at 1:36?

  8. By: Giovann Giovanni

    Il mio mondo, il nostro mondo e’ loro!

    doCute Dogs And Adorable Babies: Compilation:

  9. By: teppolundgren

    Disgusting. You shouldn’t let the food play with the dog.

  10. By: Kris

    Is it okay for babies to be licked by dogs.

  11. By: Rissa enragedscarlet

    Whats disgusting is letting these dogs trample over tiny babies.

  12. By: DevilPlantedFearInsideTheBlackBabies

    Dogs are more hygienic is it? Lemme see your dog lick your mouth, after it
    just licked it’s own balls or some other dogs shit or sniffed some other
    dogs piss or licked some other germ from god knows were. You can catch
    diseases from dogs shit, especially if flies have been on it. Look it up.
    Stop trying to intellectualize your blind love for animals, balance it out
    with some sense. How could you let a dog lick your mouth? That shit is

  13. By: Ciro Fioretti

  14. By: Denva Beaubrun

    In’st that adorable.

  15. By: chan lily

    I like the way you guys treat dog and human like a friendship ! that are
    real love ,In Vietnam those peoples feed the dog from child till growed up
    even 7,8 year old ,if their family got 1 baby they will kick the dog
    outside by sale them ! they dont think of love the dog keep for them ,they
    only using them as toy and kick as rubbish,, i feel shame that vietnamese
    :( but im proud because am, not the once of them bcz my dog is my life, i
    never leave her even if i being homeless ! 

  16. By: Muthu Kannan

  17. By: Jeremy Jones

    0:24 – 0:50 Fuck that cunt. You shouldn’t allow your children, no matter
    how young, to tease animals like that. It’s bad for the dog, it’s bad for
    the child. Irresponsible bitch. “Poor dog” is right. You better not take
    your kid to the zoo, without giving him/her a looong talk about why you do
    NOT tease animals, ESPECIALLY with food!

  18. By: Gillie DaKid

    Fucking ppl letting dogs molest their babies clean mouths!!!!! Fucking
    horrible parents!!!! You disgusting animals should not have kids!!!!!!

  19. By: Aertraveller

    Hi, my name is Mok Myung Dae, I own a restaurant in Republic of Korea,
    Seoul. I’m interested in buying American / European dogs and importing them
    to here Korea for food production purposes. Please contact me if you are
    interested in selling your dog, we pay decent price based on the weight of
    your dog. Also stray dogs are accepted.


    Mok Myung Dae

  20. By: Marco Lorenzo

    After watching this video, I am more convinced than ever that people should
    be required to obtain a licence before having kids. They make you go
    through so many hoops to adopt but there is absolutely no control for
    natural births even though so many people are shit parents and either
    neglect their kids or raise them into Hitlers. The licence doesn’t have to
    be impossibly difficult to obtain, but it should at least include many of
    the criteria that go into adoptions.

  21. By: Chyrell Roberts

    Dogs heart this is for you. Hope you enjoy.:)

  22. By: Pete Rock Preemo

    1:39 What breed of dog is that , can anyone tell me ?

  23. By: Paul Dodds

    This is disgusting letting dogs sit on baby’s heads and run into them
    nearly chokeing them these owners shouldn’t be aloued to have kids let
    alone a dog irresponsible parents 1o1

  24. By: Luba Cortez

  25. By: stefanie moore

    This video is cute and funny stop with the superiority humans over animals
    humans are assholes and make stupids comments , animals specially dogs have
    pure souls and accidents happens when dogs are abused by humans 

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